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Editor’s Pick – 5 Best ManhuaScan Alternatives 

  1. Muctau – Apart from reading manga for free, you can also learn about and read various other content forms like Yaoi.
  2. Mangachill – Mangachill provides free manga in two languages – English and Turkish, making it possible for more people to read the manga. 
  3. Toonily – Toonily has made it easier for the world to access Korean manga in English, and it also features cartoons loved by all. 
  4. Reaper Scans – A must-try manga site that also allows you to read manga novels. 
  5. MangaSee – On this site, you will be able to read manga for free, and its supercharged search engine will direct you to what you are looking for in a matter of seconds.

What is ManhuaScan?

ManhuaScan is an online platform where you can read manga and Manhua content. The USP of this site is that it does not feature any ads at all. ManhuaScan’s library is extensive and has tons of different genres. Did we forget to mention that it is a completely free online manga site?

Is ManhuaScan Down or Still Working in 2023?

We did our investigation and found that the official website of ManhuaScan is fairly reliable. However, there are times when the site experiences downtime. 

Top 30 ManhuaScan Alternatives – 100% Working Manga Sites In 2023

What to do when the ManhuaScan web page is inaccessible? Well, you can check any of the following working alternatives: 

1. MangaDex 


It is important even for free manga sites to differentiate themselves from others. 

MangaDex has found a novel solution to this problem. It has capitalized on the manga lover’s urge to discuss fan theories with others by providing them a platform to do so. 

All this, while they can read hundreds of manga titles for free.

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2. 1stKissManga


Even as the name gives you the impression that this site is only for a particular type of manga, the reality is that it features lots of genres. 

1stKissManga pays a lot of attention to its user base and ensures that there are no ads to disturb the reader. 

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3. Hari Manga

Hari Manga

Different kinds of manga genres are coming to the fore every day. With Hari Manga by your side, you can explore manhwa and hot manga too. 

The website loads within a few seconds, making it a hit among the young.

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4. MangaBuddy


When it comes to Manhua scan alternatives, MangaBuddy is definitely worth a try. 

With a simple text-focused website, it has an easy-to-use interface. 

Finding famous manga titles is a breeze on MangaBuddy since it has a dedicated section on its site. 

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5. Muctau


This website also goes by the name of Bibimanga. Apart from reading manga for free, you can also learn about and read various other content forms like Yaoi. 

Muctau is known for hosting some of the lesser-known artists which are as good as the popular ones.

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6. MangaReborn


MangaReborn is another reliable manhua scan alternative.

There are different kinds of manga genres available on the site like Adventure, Historical, Dungeon, Fighting, and even Hentai. 

Even as previews of many popular titles are available on MangaReborn, it encourages users to buy original comics if available in their location.

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7. MangaHere 


MangaHere has entered the manga scene with a clear goal – to give free access to over 10,000 manga comics to global readers. 

Since it hosts such a diverse library, it is recommended that you register on the site to keep a track of your favorite titles. 

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8. Mangachill


The demand for manga content in English was always there. Now, even countries like Turkey are reading and enjoying manga to the fullest. 

In this scenario, Mangachill provides free manga in two languages – English and Turkish. 

Even as it hosts content in multiple languages, its library is not limited and features hundreds of titles. 

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9. Kissmanga


Kissmanga is one of the most searched-after manga sites on the internet, not just because of its name. 

It is not necessary that you access this site only for graphic content. 

Kissmanga boasts a huge library that has something for everyone.

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10. MangaKisa 


Who else could come up with a free, no-ads manga reading website apart from the manga community members?

MangaKisa runs on the voluntary donation model. 

As more and more manga readers are going mobile, MangaKisa has also focused on its app.

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11. Mangapark


Mangapark is a manhuascans alternative where fans go to check out the latest released titles. 

The reality of manga now being a globally loved mode of entertainment has dawned on Mangapark, which has content in English and other languages. 

Moreover, it has good-quality scans. 

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12. Renta  


Renta is one of those few manhua scan alternatives which has thousands of manga titles.

As you might have gathered from its name, you can also rent ebooks on this site. 

In terms of genres, it features some of the lesser-known ones like Shonen, Yuri, and Shojo.

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13. MangaGo


Like Renta, even MangaGo hosts unique forms of manga content like Doujinshi and Shoujo. 

The most loved feature of MangaGo is that it is updated on a daily basis so that you can never be bored of reading the same old stuff. 

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14. Toonily


Toonily has made it easier for the world to access Korean manga in English. 

It also features webtoons, which are loved by children and adults alike. 

All these features are free of cost and without any requirement for registration.

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15. Webtoons


Since we mentioned Toonily, we might list Webtoons as well. 

While Toonily specializes in Korean manga, Webtoons provides access to that as well as Japanese manga. 

A number of titles, as well as toons on the site, are awesome. 

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16. Asura Scans 

Asura Scans

Asura Scans is a complete world in itself. 

Once you enter this world, you will get access to not just free manga and comics but also tons of gaming-related content. 

Moreover, it is extremely popular since it has the much-wanted ‘download’ option.

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17. Mangairo


Mangairo is a Manhua scans alternative where you do not need to sign up to read manga for free. 

As you will find and enjoy the latest titles on this site, you will not be distracted by a lot of ads as the admins are tough taskmasters. 

Users of the site swear by its amazing library.

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18. ZinManga


The distinguishing feature of Zinmanga is that it works hard to bring the latest releases to you ASAP.

Spending time on this site is a must for every manga lover since it also features comics and manga news.  

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19. WCOForever


The world of manga is closely linked to the world of cartoons. 

On WCOForever, you can watch anime and cartoons along with reading manga. 

The services on WCOForever are completely free for all. 

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20. KunManga


A relatively new kid on the manga block, Kunmanga is on this list because it has a good library. 

The only shortcoming of this site is that it hosts a lot of ads. 

However, it is certainly free and can be a good alternative to ManhuaScan.

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21. MangaTx


Manga lovers have created this beautiful platform which has a mission of providing more and more people an opportunity to experience the magic of manga. 

The unique features of MangaTx are due to the increased focus on the experience of manga readers. 

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22. MangaPlus


This manhuascans alternative is available only in a few locations but it has still gained a lot of traction. 

Available as an Android app too, MangaPlus allows fans to create and publish their own manga titles.

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23. MangaSee


Like MangaTx, MangaSee has also been developed by a group of manga lovers. 

On this site, you will be able to read manga for free and its supercharged search engine will direct you to what you are looking for in a matter of seconds. 

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24. Mangaforfree


With such a direct and simple name, do we need to say more?

Mangaforfree is especially renowned for hosting hard-to-find titles. 

The simplicity of its name is also replicated in its web design which is loved by users.

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25. Mangaowl


It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for one of the old classic titles or the latest release in a manga series, you will find it all on Mangaowl. 

In fact, a lot of manga lovers only use Mangaowl since it is not only free but also comes as an Android app. 

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26. Reaper Scans

Reaper Scans

Reaper Scans is one site that you must definitely try. 

Moving beyond manga titles, it also allows you to read manga novels. 

Finding your favorite title or author is easy since it has a powerful search engine to help you.

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27. Duboku


While the manga has captured the imagination of the world, Duboku has ensured that Chinese movies and TV shows are not left behind. 

Why is Duboku on this list then? Because apart from streaming content from China, you can also read manga for free here.  

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28. NewToki


NewToki has experimented a lot with its offering and now it has come up with fresh and appealing manga genres like cooking and gender-based themes. 

It has further created ripples by allowing readers to submit content for publishing. 

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29. MangaStream 


MangaStream is very different from other sites listed here.

It features only a small list of titles that are approved by its team. 

While this may turn off some manga readers, it ensures that the very best content is covered on this site.

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30. S2Manga


It is not an easy task to keep a record of your manga reading list. 

S2Manga has made this super easy on its free manga reading platform. 

Since one does not need to pay anything for this offering, it is a win-win for all. 

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ManhuaScan – FAQs

1.   What Happened to ManhuaScan?

Most of the time, the ManhuaScan website is accessible to manga lovers.

2.   Is ManhuaScan Legal?

As is the case with free streaming sites, websites like ManhuaScan where you can read manga for free are illegal to the extent they violate copyright laws.

3.   Is ManhuaScan Safe?

As compared to movie streaming sites, ManhuaScan, and other manga sites are safer since they do not host a lot of pop-up ads.

4.   Which VPN should I use for ManhuaScan?

VPNArea is a good choice when using ManhuaScan.

5.   Are there any other sites like ManhuaScan?

The list of alternatives to ManhuaScan is endless. Here are a few – WCOForever, Toonily, Duboku, NewToki, and Muctau.