Are you wondering if Muctau is still operational?

Are you looking for Muctau alternatives? Well, you are at the right place. 

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Editor’s Pick – 5 Best Muctau Alternatives 

  1. Mangairo – Mangairo is one Muctau alternative that takes user experience very seriously and has strict control over the type and number of ads. 
  2. Asura Scans – A manga platform that is purely devoted to the promotion of manga and comics, Asura Scans is a great place to read and download manga for free. 
  3. S2Manga – S2Manga helps you keep a track of your never-ending manga reading list. 
  4. Kissmanga – Kissmanga is certainly the most popular manga site with an increasing focus on a particular genre. 
  5. MangaDex – MangaDex is a platform that not only allows you to read manga for free but also to discuss theories. 

What is Muctau?

Muctau, more popularly known as Bibimanga, is known for not just allowing you to read manga for free online. Rather, you will even get to explore different other forms like manhwa and Yaoi. 

Moreover, the website features the work of many artists which is not easily found elsewhere on the internet. This is one of the main reasons behind its increasing popularity. 

Is Muctau Down or Still Working in 2023?

Even as we write this, the Muctau website is easily accessible without the inconvenience of having to find mirror links. Since the manga is so popular, there might be some moments when the site may be down due to heavy traffic. 

27 Best Muctau Alternatives – 100% Working {2023 Updated}

Are there times when you are sitting down to read your favorite manga and you realize that the Muctau web page is inaccessible?

Well, do not lose heart. Here is a list of the best Muctau alternatives that are tested by our team.

1. Mangafreak


Manga lovers will know that Mangafreak is a great alternative to Muctau when it comes to reading manga for free. 

The library of Mangafreak is fairly exhaustive and has something for all age groups.

The only dampener when it comes to this site is the presence of ads. 

All in all, the website is simple to use and can lead you to your favorite manga titles within seconds.  

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2. KunManga


Yes, we are betting on KunManga by placing it so high on the list even though it has been running only for a short time. 

While it also features a lot of ads (which is a huge point against it), what works in its favor is the excellent quality of its library. 

Lastly, for those looking to catch up on some manga titles, KunManga is surely a good option.  

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Safe Kunmanga Alternatives

3. MangaGo


Like Muctau hosts Yaoi, there is another site known as MangaGo which also features offbeat manga genres such as Shoujo and Doujinshi. 

Another reason why you must check out MangaGo is that its database is updated every single day and you will have something new to read daily. 

No wonder the fan following of MangaGo is at an all-time high.

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4. Reaper Scans

Reaper Scans

In this list of Muc tau alternatives, it would be a big mistake to not include Reaper Scans which is completely free for manga readers. 

Apart from the popular titles, you will also get to read some manga novels on this site. 

The website of Reaperscans has a separate section where you will find all the latest uploads.

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Safe Reaperscans Alternatives

5. Mangairo


Mangairo is one Muctau alternative that takes user experience very seriously. 

At the outset, one can read all the titles listed on Mangairo for free without any necessity of signing up. 

Furthermore, while there are ads, the admins make sure there is control over the type and number of ads so as to ensure that you enjoy your time on the site. 

The latest titles can be found easily on this site.

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6. NewToki


A lot of manga platforms are now realizing that in order to gain the attention of the readers, they need to provide unique content. 

In this sphere, NewToki has pioneered innovative manga genres like gender bender and cooking. 

In order to take user interaction to the next level, it also enables readers to contribute and submit manga content created by them. 

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Safe Newtoki Alternatives

7. Asura Scans 

Asura Scans

A manga platform that is purely devoted to the promotion of manga and comics, Asura Scans is a great place to read manga for free. 

For those looking for a bit extra, there is also gaming-related content on Asura Scans. 

Lastly, it is extremely popular because apart from reading manga online, users can also download them on Asura Scans.

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Safe Asurascans Alternatives

8. Mangaowl


Mangaowl is like that one big happy family which has all the manga content you need to survive. 

From the oldest comics to the most recently released titles, Mangaowl features everything you can ever imagine. 

The best aspect of Mangaowl is that there are no ads and it is also available on Android in the form of a mobile app.

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Safe Mangaowl Alternatives

9. MangaStream 


Very few manga sites have the confidence to list only a particular set of manga titles on their platform. MangaStream is one of them.

Only those comics that are approved by the MangaStream team get listed on its website. 

This ensures that only the best in terms of quality find a place on MangaStream.

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Safe Mangastream Alternatives

10. Mangaforfree


The name does not leave much to explain – you can read manga for free on this website. 

Apart from this core feature, it is also known for listing titles that are not found on other sites. 

The website has a simple user interface with a working search engine.

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Safe Mangaforfree Alternatives

11. Duboku


While the most popular manga titles are from Japan and Korea, Duboku has started creating waves by combining the facility to read manga with streaming movies and television shows from China. 

Duboku is easily accessible from most smartphones and is slowly gaining popularity due to its unique offering. 

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12. Mangachill


There is a global audience for manga now. Hence, it is important that the world of manga is translated in multiple languages. 

Mangachill is one place where you will find dual language options – English and Turkish. 

The library of Mangachill is decent enough with lots of amazing titles. 

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Safe Mangachill Alternatives

13. MangaBuddy


MangaBuddy is certainly a good alternative to Muctau for reading manga for free online. 

The unique aspect of MangaBuddy is that its website is more reliant on text rather than images.

The most popular titles are featured in different sections of the website for your ease.

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Safe Mangabuddy Alternatives

14. S2Manga


Most manga lovers will accept that it is a pain to keep a track of your reading list, which is never-ending. S2Manga is a site that has a solution for this problem. 

There is an option for you to register on this site without paying a single penny so that you can understand how much you have read. 

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Safe S2manga Alternatives

15. Kissmanga


Many of you might be wondering why it took us so long to mention Kissmanga. Well, here you go. 

Kiss manga is certainly the most popular manga site with an increasing focus on a particular genre. 

Even as you are reading graphic titles, you can also check out other genres on kissmanga. 

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Safe Kissmanga Alternatives

16. MangaTx


This free Muc tau alternative is a platform that is the brainchild of people like you and me – manga lovers. 

The fact that it is a creation of manga readers can be seen in some features of the MangaTx website. 

The mission is to improve access to manga titles.  

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Safe Mangatx Alternatives

17. Toonily


Korean manga has certainly taken the world by storm. However, since not all titles are available in English, their readership is suffering. 

Toonily hosts Korean manga and other comics which are also translated into English. 

The site is famous for its webtoons collection.

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Safe Toonily Alternatives

18. ManhuaScan


Not a lot of Muc tau alternatives are bereft of ads. Manhua Scan is one of those few sites where you can read manga for free to your heart’s content without worrying about ads. 

The collection of manga titles on ManhuaScan is amazing. As the name suggests, it features manhua too, along with manga. 

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Safe Manhuascan Alternatives

19. Hari Manga

Hari Manga

Hari Manga has ensured that manga readers also get access to manhwa and hot manga since these are surely becoming popular day by day. 

One of the features which make Hari Manga a great Muctau alternative is its super-fast loading time, ensuring that you do not lose a second.

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Safe Harimanga Alternatives

20. ZinManga


This is one manga reading platform that is renowned for getting you the latest manga as soon as it is released. 

In terms of value addition to the manga universe, ZinManga also features other content in the form of comics and news. 

Once you enter this website, there is a very good chance you will spend hours without realizing it. 

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Safe Zinmanga Alternatives

21. 1stKissManga


While the name might suggest otherwise, 1stKissManga is not just restricted to kissmanga genre.

This platform also has a customer-centric focus and has a dedicated section where users can complain about ads that disturb them while reading.  

It is due to this customer-centric approach that 1stKissManga has amassed a lot of users. 

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Safe 1stkissmanga Alternatives

22. MangaSee


The name speaks for itself. You can access tons of genres of manga for free on this website. 

MangaSee has also been developed by manga lovers and hence the same is reflected on its sites. 

Like most other sites, it features a powerful search engine redirecting you to your favorite manga. 

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Safe Mangasee Alternatives

23. MangaPlus


MangaPlus is a Muc tau alternative that is not accessible in all countries but wherever it is accessible, it has become hugely popular.

The site gives an opportunity to new creators by showcasing their work. 

It is available as an Android app too.

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24. Mangapark


Mangapark is a popular manga platform that features not just the most loved titles but also the latest ones. 

It recognizes the fact that manga is loved around the globe now and hence it features content in English as well as multilingual mode. 

The high quality of scans provided on Mangapark makes it super popular. 

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Safe Mangapark Alternatives

25. Webtoons


The number of manga readers who are always looking for something new is increasing day by day. 

The site features Japanese as well as Korean manga. 

You will have enough manga titles on this site to keep reading for hours on end. 

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Safe Webtoon Alternatives

26. MangaDex 


Anyone remotely aware of the manga world is surely interested in manga theories. They are an integral part of the whole manga reading experience. 

MangaDex is a platform that not only allows you to read manga for free but also discusses these theories. This leads to more and more readers coming on to the platform and also higher user retention.

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27. WCOForever


The full form of WCO is Watch Cartoons Online. 

On this website, users can get access to not just manga but also anime and cartoons. 

Moreover, since it does not charge any money from its users, the value provided is much more.

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Muctau – FAQs

  • What Happened to Muctau?

Presently, the website of Muctau is working perfectly alright. You can read all the latest manga online for free on Muctau. 

  • Is Muctau Legal?

In general, Muctau is not illegal. However, in certain countries, there may be specific laws against the type of content that is posted on Muctau. 

  • Is Muctau Safe?

Yes, we have gone through the website of Muctau and it seems free of any viruses or malware. Hence, it is safe to use. 

  • Which VPN should I use for Muctau?

There is no shortage of VPN service providers all over the world. When it comes to using Muctau, NordVPN is most recommended due to its reliability. 

  • Are there any other sites like Muctau?

The popularity of manga and manhua content has only surged over the years. Sites like MangaFreak, mangago, newtoki, wcoforever, and Reaperscans are also catering to the same readers.