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Passive Income Ideas For Busy Professionals 

There’s not much out there that is as appealing to the average professional as the idea of making money in your sleep. Passive income ideas have been luring in the masses for several years. While some strategies will require a somewhat sizeable initial investment, others…

cfd trading

CFD Trading: Everything You Need to Know 

CFD (contract for difference) trading is a popular option for traders all over the world. But what does it mean, how does it work, and what benefits does it offer? Contract for difference (CFD) explained Traders can leverage CFDs to speculate on the movement of…


AI and Financial Services: How Far Can It Go? 

AI and financial services seem to be moving in unison towards a more automated future. Machine learning-based solutions are indeed providing the banking industry with powerful tools to increase its profitability and offer its customers ever more relevant functionalities. From recommendation engines to predictive analytics,…