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11 Things to Look for When Shopping for a VPN 

Whether you’re looking for a solution to your weekends Netflix fix, geo-frenzy P2P file-sharing woes, expensive online shopping trips, or just want to keep your communications private and secure, a VPN can prove to be quite a handful.  Now choosing a VPN service shouldn’t be…


How To Unblock School Wifi Using VPN 

Schools and universities often block certain sites or in extreme cases their WiFi altogether in order for their students to focus more on their studies and not be distracted. Now, I can see where they are coming from to some extent, however, as someone that…


Best VPNs For Internet Security 

Just as the internet has become a utility in the modern world, internet security has become imperative for users. There are many steps to be taken towards protecting your home network, first of which is using a Wi-Fi router with a firewall and then an…