ThePirateBay3 is the world’s favorite BitTorrent site, and anyone who’s ever been on the internet long before Netflix came into the picture has downloaded a video or two from PirateBay.

ThePiratebay3 Is it working?

The site is still running at large because of its easy-to-access website and massive library of streams. Due to this, the site tends to occasionally shut down.

We spent hours of testing and downloading videos from various sites to come up with the best ThePirateBay3 alternatives that work in 2023.

15 Working ThePirateBay3 Alternatives 2023


With over 7.7 million active monthly visitors, Zooqle is steadily growing every month. The site gives you a clean, uncluttered web design that makes it easy to navigate for users.

The homepage is well-planned, and the links are organized by the most popular torrents, on the air today for shows, and the new season category.

There are two tables on the site, the first one shows you a list of TV shows and the second table shows you a list of movies. This site is pretty convenient if you’re looking for a quick movie to watch as it shows the poster beside the title, it’s pretty common to download a link by mistake due to having similar titles, so this lessens the incident.

On the left side of the page, there’s a list of the most seeded shows that you can check out. Below the table, you’ll see the Just In list, which shows you the recently added materials.



Offering a large collection of downloadable links, GloTorrents is one of the best ThePiratebay3 alternatives to check out.

You can download several torrents, including movies, TV, Apps, Software, Games, Books, Anime, Mobile Apps, Videos, Pictures, and Movie Packs.

These are categorized in an orderly manner, so you can easily navigate the site with ease. Web design is clean and uncluttered, which gives GloTorrents extra points in comparison to the sites.

The site features a live radio as well, in case that’s something you’re interested in. GloTorrents does not only support English, but it’s available in multiple languages as well.

There are no ads or promotional ads on its homepage, you may encounter a few when downloading or streaming videos, but they are from being a nuisance.

On the left side, you’ll see a list of websites under “Friends” each of the sites either covers hacks, games, courses, or many more.


Kickass Torrents

While ThePirateBay3 may be the king of pirates, Kickass Torrents comes second in command.  On the upper right side of the page, you’ll see Top and Popular menu buttons.

Kickass Torrents have categorized the links by genre and popularity, which covers everything from TV, Games, App, Movies, Doc, Anime, etc.

The site’s banner gives you fill on the recently searched terms, so you can easily click on the keyword, and download related content.

On the homepage, you’ll see tables with the Torrent Name, Size, Uploader, Age, Seed, and Leech data. First table is for Movies Torrents with TV Shows Torrents and Music Torrents following after.

The interface is one of the easiest to use on our list, and the site has a massive community of providers. Its original site had trouble with the U.S. government in 2016, which forced the site to shut down.

However, the moderators remained hopeful and resurrected KickAss Torrents, now it has a large growing community of active users.



RARBG gives you the same downloading experience, but with the ads is minimal. The site has been around for a long period, and like how the fate of similar sites goes, has encountered numerous challenges online as well.

It follows a simple user-interface, you can see categories on the left side of the homepage. It provides you numerous downloadable links for Movies, TV Shows, Games, Music, Software, and many more.

On the left side, it showcases informative articles concerning upcoming movies, games, and music. For more information, click on the news button. It’ll direct you to a page with the latest news in the movie in the film industry.

RARBG a good alternative to ThePirateBay3 is because this site has a private tracker server, something that most similar sites have left for the sake of magnet links.

Most of the films have indicators, such as screenshots and movie posters, which ensures you’re downloading the right content and not a film with a similar title.



Using a simple interface with a clean web-design, EZTV makes it to the list.

While the site does not have a lot of distributors, like Kickass Torrents or GloTorrents, it does provide faster download speed in comparison to those bigger sites, so if you’re looking for a quick and easy download, EZTV is a great ThePirateBay3 alternative.

The site offers a lot of fun features for you to check out, one of which is the countdown list. It essentially shows you the time remaining you have left for an upcoming show or movie to be available for download.

EZTV does not allow you to download multiple series at the same time, this may be a deal-breaker to some of you. However, keep in mind that has lesser ads compared to other sites.

You can ask help on the site’s FAQ page, it pretty much answers most – if not all – questions you have. What’s more, there’s an active forum as well where you can engage with other users.

As mentioned earlier, the website has only a few distributors, so available links are from most modern shows.



ISOHunt offers a substantial library of links that covers movies, shows, games, music, and shows, contrary to its name. When you’re using the site, it’s advisable to use a VPN to download files.

The site may sound familiar to computer geeks a decade ago as it was a popular site in the late 2000s. Like some of the sites on the list, the first ISOHunt shut down in 2013.

But the site currently running and providing service to millions of users is said to be managed by original moderators of ISOHunt.

As a result, it provides you with an easy to navigate website with a lot of helpful features for everyone. You can see the daily top searches on the homepage to keep yourself in the loop with the latest topics.

What’s more, the latest tab enables you to see the newest uploaded links in case you want to catch the first glimpse of torrents.

It does come what may seem like a major flaw, and it’s that it has way too many advertisements on the page. If you easily get annoyed with these pop-up ads, you can check out other sites.



Often called the Google for torrents, Torrentz2 makes a great alternative to ThePirateBay3. What makes this site stand out among hundreds of competitors is that the moderator’s automated the indexing process.

The homepage is nothing but a large search engine box, making it super easy to use for anyone to download torrent. Simply type your desired show, and provides you with the list of torrent sites relevant to your keyword.

Interestingly enough, even when the site is nothing but a search engine that doesn’t host content, it ran into legal issues a few years ago and was closed in 2016.

Even though Torrentz2 is a relatively new website, the successor of the original Torrentz, it already has indexed over sixty million torrent records from the web.

Expect the number of torrent files and active users to grow daily.


Lime Torrents

In terms of user interface and web design, ThePiratebay3 has nothing on Lime Torrents.  While it’s one of the newer torrent websites, its user base has grown quickly.

It separates itself from similar torrent sites with its modern design and well-organized website.  Upon opening the homepage, you are greeted with a large search box, input the keyword you want to download.

Beneath the search box, it provides you a list of categories to choose from, such as Movies, TV, Apps, Games, and many more.

LimeTorrents also offers other tools that help you in your search, these are cloud search, top downloaded torrents, and health trackers.

Unlike ISOHunt and RARBG, this does not annoy you with a dozen of pop-up ads. It only has minimal ads and it gives you fast download speed as well.

You can check out its FAQs if you have any questions regarding the site, the moderators covered mostly every possible query you may have.



Sporting a clean-looking design, TorLock provides you with the latest shows, games, music, anime, and other materials available on the web that you want to download.

This is one of those bigger websites that has a large community of distributors, meaning you can download anything under the sun. It’s enough to keep you satisfied for a long period.

Make sure to use a VPN when you’re downloading torrents from the site though to avoid malware and other PC-related issues. Keep your ad blocker on, too.

On the homepage, you’ll see the top researched keywords, which usually consist of titles, songs, and shows. If there’s anything that sets TorLock apart from other websites is that they’re taking measure against fake torrent files.

The site pays $1 to every user who finds and reports fake torrents to the moderators, meaning it’s possibly safer than ThePirateBay3.

As of 2023, TorLock’s database delivers over fifty million verified torrents, and while the number may be lower than similar sites, it’s still an impressive feat as the site only started a few years ago.


Dirty Torrents

Despite the name, there’s nothing dirty about Dirty Torrents. It gives you a clean website design with an organized list of categories to choose from. It ranges from TV Shows, Movies, Games, Audio, and even Applications.

Dirty Torrents is a rather popular website with millions of active users, the site is mainly known for how it combines all materials from the biggest websites, meaning you can find anything you want to download.

The site provides you with recent torrents in real-time, what makes Dirty Torrents awesome is that it is a no-ads website, so you don’t have to worry about those eyesore ads.

What’s more, you can find the top torrents in each category within 24 hours, meaning you’ll be updated with the latest trends and buzz from all across the world.


YIFY Movies

If you’re looking for a website that provides you with quality movies, YIFY Movies is the best site you can go to. It carries one of the best aesthetics on the list, it’s clean, easy to navigate, and responsive. Most users say that it’s closely similar to the user-interface of Netflix.

Although it’s a crowd favorite for millions of users, it does have several ads and malicious links on the site, so it’s best to have an adblocker when you’re surfing on YIFY Movies. A VPN works best.

You can see movie posters along with the titles on the homepage, which means you won’t accidentally download the wrong content by mistake.

The original YIFY closed a few years ago, but they were able to bring the site back up (our link takes you to their now official site).

Aside from having trailers, streaming services, plot descriptions, and cast details per show, it also provides you with a recommendation of similar shows.

The site comes with a fair share of cons though, it does not give you the technical details, such as the data on the seeders and leeches of the torrent.



Feast your eyes on the best ThePirateBay3 alternative, 1337x has it all. It’s one of the more popular torrent sites on the web, having millions of active users daily.

It provides you with a great-looking web design, almost giving the same vibe as to YIFY in terms of aesthetics. Although its color-scheme is a lot more eccentric.

The site’s torrent directories are quite convenient, so you can easily check out the films and content. You can browse and download torrents from any of these categories: movies, TV, games, apps, and anime.

Unlike other sites, this provides you with comprehensive torrent info, making it easy to look for the content you want to download.

Throughout the article, we’ve mentioned several sites that have been shut down due to legal reasons and had to come up with new domains.

However, 1337x is one of the torrent sites that have lived a long life at more than ten years old, which speaks a lot about the site’s stability.



We have another Google-inspired design on the list, Torrentseeker is a search engine that covers a massive number of websites.

It only provides the minimum torrent data as it is best known for its large library of sources. What makes this a great go-to website for all of your searches is because it covers everything, including language-specific websites and unpopular sites.

Another thing to like about Torrentseeker is how frequently its index gets updated. It’s a clean, user-friendly site that works like a charm.

However, the technical information for the search results lack a lot of input, it only shows you the title of the torrent data and the site location.

Make sure to use turn-on ad-blockers and use a VPN when you’re downloading something from this site.



You may know ExtraTorrent as the 2nd biggest torrent directory, the site was officially crowned second-best in November 2016. In other words, it’s the closest site to ThePirateBay3 you can find.

It’s one of the most visited torrent websites and users are loving its user-friendly interface. However, it’s worth mentioning that ET was already considered one of the giants before Pirate Bay was shut down.

Homepage comes off as clean and uncluttered, a list of categories is neatly displayed for easy access and navigation. You can find torrents to TV, music, apps, e-books, anime, games, and many more.

Although what makes this stand out the most is how the site provides in-depth information on each torrent with real comments from users, helping you decide as to what movies you should download.

On the left side of the homepage, you’ll see a list of the latest articles in case you want to get yourself informed with the latest news. The blogs cover anything from new laws to listicles of pirate watch lists.



While all of these sites are great ThePiratebay3 alternatives, make sure to have your ad blocker on and your VPN active. Keep yourself safe from malware and viruses by adding extra protection when you’re downloading from these websites.

When one of these sites temporarily shut down, remember you have 13 other alternatives to check out.

Looking for entertainment? Download your favorite movies, games, and apps for FREE! Here are the top 14 ThePirateBay3 alternatives that work in 2023!


  • Is ThePirateBay3 safe to use?

Yes, the site is safe to use. However, make sure you’re using a VPN when you’re downloading torrents from the site.

  • What are a leecher and a seeder?

Seeders are people who are sharing the complete file to the site while leechers are the people who are downloading the file. The more seeders you have in a torrent file, the faster your file downloads.

  • Where can I download movies for free?

You can download movies from any of these sites:

  • Kickass Torrents
  • GloTorrents
  • ExtraTorrent
  • Are Torrent Files Safe to Download?

In most cases, torrents are relatively safe to download. Just make sure you know where the Torrent is from.

  • Where can I download software for free?
  • Lime Torrents
  • ExtraTorrent
  • Kickass Torrents