Excited to watch a movie this wintry weekend but getting no suitable streaming website? Nothing will happen if you worry and waste your time! Instead, join us to explore the widely famous online streaming website ‘123movies’ that is on the radar today for some reasons.

If you are interested in knowing if this website is safe to watch in 2021, join our pack and follow us. Here, we will be discussing whether this website is legal to use or not. 

Even if it is not, don’t worry. We have something exciting that will enable you to watch your favorite movies and shows on this platform.

Ready to get streaming? Waste no time and come with us on this journey to unfold the truth surrounded by the thick mist of suspicion.

About 123 Movies

At least once in your entire streaming lifetime, you must have come across 123movies.com If you have, then you probably know what this site is all about. 

123movies is a well-known online streaming website that enables you to find and watch all the newly released movies and Tv shows effortlessly.

Millions of users use 123movies to satisfy their entertainment cravings, and luckily they find everything on this single website. 

The most significant aspect of 123movies is the high-quality videos that it offers to your viewers. Be it any entertainment content; this website never compromises with its content’s quality.

America’s most trusted agency, Motion pictures Association, a few years ago released a statement that said that this website is a very famous entertainment website that provides everything that a movie-fanatic or TV show lovers want. 

A few years later, in an investigation, it was found that this website contains pirated content, which is illegal. 

Due to this piracy, the official website of 123 movies was taken down from the internet for many years. Once it came to a close, several clones of 123movies sites appeared and filled the void that was created. 

To date, the official website is not available, but the clones are doing their best job to keep you entertained even when the parent website is unavailable.

Incredible features of 123Movies

What makes this incredible website a masterpiece? It is the numerous features that it has and the outstanding service that it offers. What are they? Let’s check them out!


  • User-Friendly Interface


123movies is a user-friendly website that has an attractive webpage that is very easy to navigate. You don’t have to explore it too much to find what you want.

Enter the movie title that you want to stream on the search box, and the matches will appear. Also, you get many other similar options to choose from. If you are tempted to watch some other movie with the same name or slightly different, ‘123 movies’ lets you do so.

The page is well organized, and so is the library. The movies and shows of different genres are categorized perfectly, not to fumble while searching for the one you want. You can search your content by name, genre, date, language, etc. 


  • It is Free


The most significant advantage of 123 movies is that it is an entirely free website. You don’t even need to sign up to stream what you want. Just visit the site and start streaming. It is as simple as that, and you won’t get such services on any other site. 


  • Improves family bonding


While everyone is busy with their hectic schedule, this website connects them all. This website makes sure that you have an incredible time with your family and friends by providing you everything you want. So, you can spend some quality time with your near and dear ones while binge-watching. 

Is ‘123 Movies’ safe and legal to use?

As stated earlier, the official website of 123 movies has been taken down from the internet due to its copyright issues and content piracy. 

Since then, the official website has never made its appearance on any platform. The clones have taken up the throne and maintain the legacy of providing entertainment stuff for free to millions of users.

Now that it has been declared as an illegal site, ‘123movies’ is no more reliable or safe to use. 

If you are planning to download your movies and shows from this website, we recommend you not to do so. The clones have also been reported to carry malware and viruses that may severely damage your device.

Since many countries have strict piracy laws, it is better to abandon this website and look for others to stay away from the courtroom. 

If you are caught viewing content on this website or downloading any content from here, you might land up in court for committing a crime because there is a lot of content on this website that is pirated.

Top 4 reliable VPNs that will protect you while you enjoy 123Movies

It is always advised that you should install a reliable VPN before you stream your favorite movies and shows online. Since there are types of content available on the video sites, it becomes challenging to pick out pirated ones.

Piracy is a crime, and you can face dire consequences for the same. Hence, if you want to enjoy your screen time to the fullest and stay away from such troubles, it is better to use a Virtual Private Network or VPN that hides your IP address and enables you safe streaming.

If you are tempted to use 123 movies even after knowing its truth, you can use a VPN and stream your movies and shows without getting noticed.

We have listed four top VPNs that you can use to keep your online activities hidden for your convenience. These are affordable and entirely reliable. So, you won’t face any trouble once you switch it on before starting to stream.


  • Express VPN


Express VPN is considered the most reliable, fast, and secure VPN service preferred by millions of users worldwide. The most significant advantage of using it is that it is compatible with several devices like Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, etc. 

Irrespective of which device you use to stream your content, you can always use this VPN to keep your activities private. 

Using this VPN service, you can unblock the contents exclusive to paid platforms like Amazon, Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, etc. If you are uncertain about using this VPN, you can always avail of its 30 days free trial. 

If you like the services and functioning of this VPN, you can subscribe to it, and by any chance, you don’t feel like using it and look for some other service provider, you can cancel the subscription effortlessly. 

Moreover, this VPN can simultaneously support five devices that enable you to watch your movies and show seamlessly without logging in every time on different devices. What attracts people towards it? 

The speed is the attraction of Express VPN. It has a lightning-fast pace and connects to several servers in seconds. 

The live support system is incredible. By any chance you run into any trouble, you can reach the experts sitting on the other side of the screen conveniently and get all your problems resolved in minutes.


  • SurfShark VPN


SurfShark VPN has become a go-to option for many netizens because of its unbeatable pricing and incredible features. Who knew that any VPN service could cover all the devices at the same time? Surf Shark made it possible with its advanced software.

It is a shark in VPNs’ oceans in the true meaning, and many people dream of using it. Though it gained popularity only a few years ago, those who have used it cannot stop bragging about it. 

Its user-interface is straightforward to use, which attracts more customers towards it. You won’t fumble, and everything will get done in seconds. You can effortlessly unblock the geo-restricted platforms using this VPN. These include BBC, Disney Plus, iPlayer, Netflix, and many more. 

To maintain the trust of the existing customers and allure others, SurfShark VPN offers 30- days money-back guarantee that enables you to ask for a refund if you don’t find the services suitable or found someone else to cater to your needs.


  • NordVPN


Another biggest name in the world of VPNs is NordVPN, widely famous across the globe. There are many reasons why it is the most favorite VPN amongst avid streamers. 

With an ability to work simultaneously on six devices without slowing down even for a second, this VPN service rocks and efficiently secures you.

It has over 80 server locations and keeps adding more with each passing day. Also, it is compatible with devices operating on Android, Mac, Linux, and iOS. 

It can efficiently unblock prominent apps like iPlayer, Hulu, Netflix, etc., within minutes so that you can enjoy your show without any worries or delay.

Like other VPN services, NordVPN also has a 30 day free trial period to prove to its customers that it’s worth many things that they may not find anywhere else. You can exploit it to the fullest in that free trial interval and see if it is a suitable match for you. 

If not, you can cancel your subscription, and NordVPN won’t raise a single question on your action. Since many things are incredible about this VPN service, you are more likely to subscribe to it than cancel the service.

To provide you with the best deals, there are many suitable subscription plans designed for you. You can opt for any of them and resume watching what you always wanted to. 


  • CyberGhost VPN


Be a ghost in the cyber watchdog’s house and watch the content without getting noticed with CyberGhost. Yes, you read it right! CyberGhost is another best VPN service that we have included in our list because it is entirely reliable and keeps your online activities private.

You can now watch everything you desire on the internet without getting caught by the Government authorities who keep a close watch on the streaming websites to kick out the ones filled with pirated content. 

The significant aspect of CyberGhost is wide server locations. It has 111 server locations that are located in over 90 countries. 

This server spread allows you to access it in most parts of the world you are residing and traveling. Without frequently changing to other VPN services, you can watch your movies and shows seamlessly. Besides, it has an extended period of trial that is 45 days.

By any chance you are not satisfied with the performance of this VPN service, you can ask for an instant refund after using it for 45 days. It covers seven devices and enables all seven people to watch what they desire with no worries.



  • Why should you use 123 Movies?


‘123 movies’ has a wide array of collections of movies and TV shows. It is a very renowned name when online streaming platforms are discussed. Once in your lifetime, you might have crossed paths with this website because it is so versatile. 

You will find everything here and won’t have to look for other sites. The categories are well-organized that make streaming convenient.


  • Do I have to download my content to watch it on 123 Movies?


On several sites, you might have experienced the pain of getting the content downloaded first to watch it on that site. It leads to delay and reduces your excitement considerably. 123 Movies understand your pain, and that is why you need not download your movies and shows to watch them here.

Click on the content you want to stream and get started. You won’t have to wait for the full download to finish, unlike other online streaming websites, and you will be able to enjoy it better.


  • Is ‘123 Movies’ economically feasible?


‘123 movies’ is not only economically feasible but entirely free. This virtual cinema lets you enjoy everything free of cost because you deserve it. 

The only investment you need to make it in the setup because that is a basic necessity that you cannot deny. The device and the internet connection are the only things that you need to spend your money on.


  • Can you use 123 Movies on all the devices?


Yes! ‘123 movies’ can be accessed through every device, be it your smartphone, computer, tablet, or Smart TV. Just have stable internet connectivity and a VPN installed in your device, and you are ready to stream whatever you desire. You can watch movies on the go or even while working at your home.

Summing up

Entertainment is a part of life, and it should never stop even if a website is illegal to use. ‘123 movies’ has unfortunately been tagged as an illegal website, but its services and features keep tempting everyone. Even if you opt for any other website, you will miss something that only this website can fulfill.

With a reliable VPN in use, you can defy all the boundaries and restrictions and watch your desirable content without any fear. So, waste no time and subscribe to a suitable VPN and bring it into action. Switch it on before you start watching your content on 123 movies and watch till you’re satisfied.