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Understanding Cloud Certifications 

If you are planning to reskill or upskill and dive into cloud computing anytime soon, chances are you have already looked into cloud certifications. Availability is not a problem here – various providers offer a vast selection of certifications, and there’s certainly something for everyone….


How Are Students Learning on the Cloud? 

Remote learning has come a long way in recent years, and technology has made online learning environments more seamless and accessible than ever. Instead of carrying around bulky external accessories and drives, you can now securely access everything you need with little more than a…


PeopleSoft To Cloud Migration: How Should You Do It? 

PeopleSoft refers to an electronic business software product owned by a US-based company, Oracle. Originally, PeopleSoft offered finance, and human resource (HR) applications and the company added tools and software applications for general business processes. Today, PeopleSoft caters services for communications, automotive, and higher-education fields….