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Top Reasons Your Business Needs to move to a Cloud 

If you have gone through the different tech-related articles on the web, you must have heard about the “cloud” concept being discussed frequently. There was a time when the cloud services were restrained for photos and videos, but now, they are everywhere. In simple words,…

PeopleSoft To Cloud Migration: How Should You Do It? 

PeopleSoft refers to an electronic business software product owned by a US-based company, Oracle. Originally, PeopleSoft offered finance, and human resource (HR) applications and the company added tools and software applications for general business processes. Today, PeopleSoft caters services for communications, automotive, and higher-education fields….

What You Should Know Before Migrating To The Cloud 

Cloud computing has become incredibly popular, but many business owners don’t fully understand what the “cloud” is, let alone understand the best practices for undergoing a full-blown migration. If you’re thinking about upgrading your tech systems, it’s important to do your research, understand the advantages…