This year has brought a lot of challenges in the world we are living in. The expanding adoption of social media sites has produced internet renaissance. It is not a secret that everyone loves to experience something new that is why new trends appear so often and we can enjoy Instagram’s commencement, the creeping plant’s fluctuation, and YouTube influencers becoming internet superstars. If there is something consistent throughout the years to love, then it should be the appearance of sensations. The viral concept was raised to explain something shared immediately from one user to another. However, before we dive into an entirely new decade, please try not to forget about Trueblue Casino, which has gathered all the elements of the evergreen trend you should try!

Gangnam Style

In 2012, the Korean singer Psy became famous after releasing “Gangnam Style”. If you’re just hearing about Psy and his famous song for the first time, here’s a short story about the craze that became a global sensation. The real name of Psy is Park Jae-sang. His song brokeYouTube records because it was the first music video with over a billion views on the platform. In the song, Psy is telling a girl that he is a cool guy and has Gangnam style. He refers to himself as “Oppa”, the modern word, that means “Older brother”. It quickly became the most liked video ever. The achievement of Psy is great. But despite these figures the singer is no longer the king of YouTube. Love it or hate it, the world has become divided by the challenge. Let’s see what will be the next hit of Psy.


The dabbing is a dance move that looks like a weird salut. It has grown in popularity over the last year and no one knows exactly where the dabbing came from. It is thought to have been started in Atlanta, US. The trend is related to rappers from the group “Migos”. Some people say that it is a celebratory dance move. The dabbing is also supposed to be sneezing that happens to people when they take cannabis. The craze became mainstream after a lot of politicians and celebrities have performed a dab in public. One of the earliest videos which was uploaded on the May 22d, 2020 has more than 2,3 Million views and it’s only within the first year. This is a great result, isn’t it? 


The planking or Lying Down Game has gone global and thanks to the people around the world this challenge is trending on the internet now and will be mainstream in the future. 

  • The rules of the challenge are quite simple: 
  • The participant has to lie face down. 
  • The palms flat against sides.
  • The feet together and pointing at the floor.
  • The location must be as original as possible.
  • Somebody must take a photo.

If you follow these simple rules you have a chance to become famous. The stranger is the video, the bigger success it will have. There has been a really huge media coverage in Australia, where the planking challenge had truly exploded after police arrested a young man performing it on the hood of a police car. Let’s see what will happen to this craze in the future. Nobody knows whether the trend will go down or the strength of this phenomenon will grow and make it’s followers happy. Let’s see. 

The Ice Bucket Challenge

Starting in July 2014, we began viewing videos of individuals splashing a bucket of ice over them. The Ice Bucket Challenge was an activity that became a trending project to promote understanding of amyotrophic side sclerosis (ALS). The challenge increased donations to the fight against ALS by 187 percent. Countless individuals worldwide took it up, including Barack Obama and billionaire Bill Gates. 

In my Feelings Challenge

I know this one! It’s in my Feelings challenge! That is the first reaction when people watch the video on YouTube. We have just heard so much about it and the dance is really amazing. The originator who started the challenge was the Instagrammer Shiggy and the craze is also known as Kiki Challenge. The dance is quite original and you have heard of it for sure. The different variations of the trend went viral involving more and more people jumping out of cars and dancing on the street. The dance of Shiggy went so viral that he ended up in the music video with a singer and songwriter Drake. 

Tide Pods Challenge

The tide pods challenge probably arose from a few unruly memes. As a result, the cases of taking detergent capsules by youngsters increased. It is not like the young people do not know it can be risky. Tide Pods were launched in 2012, but the challenge continued to be viral in late 2017 with young adults posting videos of themselves ingesting the laundry cleaning agent capsules. Very few even baked the detergent packages before grabbing a bite.

The real problem is not the media coverage of this challenge but the adolescent brain. Adolescence is the transition period between childhood and adulthood. At this period the teens take risks, try something new, they think about leaving home and that they are invincible. That is why they are eating Tide detergent pods despite the fact that it can be lethal. 

Blue Whale Challenge

The game was aimed at young people who set 50 tasks over 50 days. The first tasks were quite simple but day by day they became more ominous. Generally, moms and dads were terrified when the discovery of it broke. It was made more detrimental when the intended designer of this game was imprisoned for three years. Regardless of all the media awareness, there haven’t been any literal circumstances that connect the hindrance to creating self-destructions worldwide.      

Mannequin Challenge (2016)

This barrier involved groups of individuals standing still like shop mannequins while a moving camera shot them. The video clips were generally brought by music. Stars from Beyoncé, Adele to Hilary Clinton participated in the activity. The challenge started a group of students from Jacksonville in Florida. They posed on the table as still as statues. The camera should be the only thing moving while performing the challenge. 

Evergreen Internet Trends You Should Try Today

Pokemon Go

Many of us remember this funny game. Pokemon Go was released in 2016 and has acquired in less than a week the huge number of active users. It is easy to explain why that game became such a phenomenon and almost a revolutionary concept. The gist of the game is funny. There are tiny creatures that inhabit the world. And you have been charged by a kooky professor to catch as many of them as you can. There are also special pokeballs in order to catch Pokemon. The idea of the game is quite new and fresh. That is why the craze went viral and has brought a lot of fun to the followers.     

Fidget Spinners

The fidget spinner was getting popular in 2017. It is a plaything for people who have a problem with stress, anxiety, or emotional anxiety. It also claims to help individuals who have anxiousness and other neurological disorders like ADHD and autism. Despite the absence of experimental proof of it’s effectiveness, the toy expanded in popularity internationally, particularly among youngsters and teens. The surge of the plaything’s appeal was additionally attributed to dazzling advertising and marketing. 

It is an interesting fact that at the North American International Toy Fair in February of 2017, 200 million fidget spinners were marketed within the first four months. By 2019, it was deemed for 17 percent of all day-to-day toy sales in the US.

Harlem Shake

It’s time to introduce the next craze with a funny name “Harlem Shake”. What is that? What does it mean? It’s extremely weird and simple at the same time. One of the participants wears a motorcycle helmet or sometimes a horse mask and dances while everyone in the area is not paying attention. In the next moment everyone is dancing in strange costumes and it looks like the world gone mad.  

The dance began in Harlem, US in 1981. That is the thing that was trendy to do in the early half of this decade online and it’s still pretty popular today. It has people from all types of demographics participating in it. What exactly is the Harlem Shake? Historically the Harlem Shake is a style of dance that was originated by Albert Boyce in Harlem. The traditional version of Harlem shake is completely different and doesn’t resemble the modern version of the dance at all. There is no horse mask or motorcycle in the old version and it looks like a normal street dance. The modern version of the challenge had become a viral meme with the song of famous DJ Baauer. The song became a massive viral meme and one of the wildest challenge trends to ever exist on the Internet. 


That was trendy to do in the past decades online and these internet-based challenges are in trend now. Why? Maybe, people just enjoy a challenge but more than likely they want to attach themselves to some concept or meme that is popular already. What do you think will be the next trend?