Are you wondering if Mangabuddy is still operational in 2023?

Are you looking for Mangabuddy alternatives? Well, you are at the right place. 

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Editor’s Pick – 5 Best Mangabuddy Alternatives 

  1. NewToki – Best site to access some unique manga genres such as those related to gender and cooking.
  2. MangaSee – Maintained by passionate followers of manga, this is a free site for reading manga online. 
  3. Renta – From Shonen to Yaoi; mature romance to classic romance and Yuri to Shojo, you name it and you will get it on Renta.
  4. MangaGo – Doujinshi and Shoujo – have you been looking for a site that hosts these manga genres? Then MangaGo is where you must go.
  5. Duboku – This manga buddy alternative also doubles up as a platform where you can stream famous movies and TV series from China.

What is Mangabuddy?

Mangabuddy is a site where you can read manga online for free. Even without signing up, you can get access to the whole library of Mangabuddy for free. The library is fairly extensive and can satisfy any manga lover’s needs. 

Is Mangabuddy Down or Still Working in 2023?

At the time of writing this post, the official website of Mangabuddy was working all right. In fact, there was no need for mirror links to access your favorite manga. However, it cannot be denied that there are times when the site may be down. 

Mangabuddy – 25 Safe Alternatives For Free Manga {2023 Updated}

1. Manga Chill

Manga Chill

If you have been looking for an alternative to Mangabuddy which is also completely free, then Manga Chill is something you must try.

On Manga Chill, you will find awesome quality manga scans in multiple languages like English and Turkish.

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Websites like Mangachill

2. Hari Manga

Hari Manga

Not just manga, Hari Manga also hosts manhwa and hot manga. 

Apart from its free services, Hari Manga boasts an excellent manga and manhwa library. 

This manga buddy alternative is extremely popular because it has a faster load time as compared to its competitors.

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Websites like Harimanga

3. Toonily



It is no secret that most manga and related comics are born outside the English-speaking world. 

Toonily hosts content from Korea and also has copies translated into English. 

Apart from Korean comics, people also love the webtoons hosted on its website, hence the name. 

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4. Mangaforfree


As the name suggests, this website also lets you read manga for free. 

The highlight of manga for free is that you will find a lot of titles on this site that are not available elsewhere. 

The search engine is powerful enough to help you find what you are looking for.

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5. Asura Scans 

Asura Scans 

Asura Scans likes to call itself a non-profit platform that lets users enjoy their favorite manga scans and comics. 

More than a comic reading platform, it is also a great place for gamers. 

Furthermore, you can not only read popular titles online but also download them for offline use.

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Websites like Asurascans

6. Duboku


This manga buddy alternative also doubles up as a platform where you can stream famous movies and TV series from China. 

The website of Duboku is mobile-friendly and works well on both Android and iOS. 

It is perfectly easy to use and hosts awesome content. 

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7. ZinManga


If you are someone who wants to read the latest manga titles as soon as they are released, then ZinManga is your best bet. 

Like other alternatives listed here, ZinManga also goes beyond just manga comics and also allows you to follow the latest news and spoilers from the world of manga. 

This is one site sure to keep you hooked. 

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Websites like Zinmanga

8. Muctau


We bet you have heard of Manga and Manhwa but did you know about Yaoi? If you are ready to expand your horizon, then you must check out Muctau which allows you to read it. 

Muctau also goes by the name of Bibi Manga. 

Since it hosts a lot of manga writers whose work is not available everywhere, it has its own share of followers. 

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9. ManhuaScan


While there are tons of manga buddy alternatives, it needs to be seen how many of them are free of ads. 

ManhuaScan is certainly one of them. 

The different genres available on the site surely make it irresistible for manga readers. 

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Websites like Manhuascan

10. MangaHere 


Not only is its name quite simple, but its motto is also pretty simple. 

MangaHere hosts over 10,000 manga comics; this means that not one manga lover will leave its website disappointed. 

Though registration is not mandatory, it allows you to keep a track of your reading history. 

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11. Reaper Scans

Reaper Scans

Reaper Scans is a great place for you to follow and read the latest manga titles and novels. 

The latest manga can be easily spotted on its website since there is a dedicated section for it. 

The quality of manga on Reaper Scans can match any top site any day.

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Websites like Reaperscans

12. S2Manga


Like MangaHere, S2Manga also has a free registration option that lets you make sense of your exhaustive reading list. 

While you will find a few ads on this platform, the content more than makes up for them. 

Moreover, your reading will not be disturbed as these are mostly banner ads on the side.  

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13. Mangapark


The makers of Mangapark cracked the popularity code long back. 

Its website is designed in such a way that you will never miss the most popular and the latest releases in the world of manga. 

Multilingual and English modes are available. 

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Websites like Mangapark

14. MangaStream 


MangaStream has made it a mission to translate a selected range of manga comics for its fans.

These comics are from a list curated by the MangaStream team. 

This does not at all imply that you cannot read traditionally liked manga on the MangaStream website.

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Websites like Mangastream

15. WCOForever


WCO stands for Watch Cartoons Online. As is evident, it is a dedicated platform where you can enjoy cartoons, anime, and even manga. 

Since it is completely free, it is loved all across the world. 

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16. MangaSee


The name is as clear as the sea. In the list of manga buddy alternatives, MangaSee definitely deserves a place since it is maintained by passionate followers of manga. 

The search engine on MangaSee is as powerful as it can get. 

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Websites like Mangasee

17. NewToki


Again, NewToki’s name reveals a lot. On this platform, you will be able to access some unique genres such as those related to gender and cooking. 

The reason why so many people use this platform is that it also allows you to create manga and publish it. 

It is a novel take on manga and is slowly gaining popularity. 

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Websites like Newtoki

18. Webtoons


For those who like to read much beyond the general range of popularity, Webtoons are a really good choice. 

Apart from Korean manga, it also hosts content from Japan. 

The number of genres on this site is unending and can leave you spoilt for choice.  

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19. MangaGo


Doujinshi and Shoujo – have you been looking for a site that hosts these manga genres? Then MangaGo is where you just go. 

This is one of those few sites which is updated on a daily basis and hence has a lot of dedicated followers.

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20. MangaKisa 


The manga community has given birth to MangaKisa which is completely free and still does not feature any ads.

This is possible because it is sponsored by voluntary donations. 

Going by the world trend of mobile-first, MangaKisa is available both on the website as well as a mobile app.

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21. KunManga


KunManga is a relatively new kid on the block in the manga scene. 

However, it has a lot of ads, and for this reason that it has not gained much traction. 

As regards the content, KunManga hosts some good stuff and can be checked out.

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Websites like Kunmanga

22. 1stKissManga


Even though the name might give you a contrary impression, 1stKissManga allows you to read manga from tons of different genres. 

Not only are there no ads to bother you, but it also has a special feature whereby you can complain about ads if they crop up all of a sudden. 

Since it pays a lot of attention to the user experience, it has thousands of users. 

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Websites like 1stkissmanga

23. MangaTx


A manga reading platform that has been developed by fans, MangaTx aims to get more and more people to read manga. 

It has a fairly large library. This is important because only then can it attract readers belonging to different age groups.  

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Websites like Mangatx

24. Mangaowl


Be it one of those classic manga titles or the one which has become popular recently, Mangaowl is one platform where you will be able to read it all. 

Mangaowl does not feature any ads and has a decent website strong enough to withstand heavy traffic. 

The most promising aspect of Mangaowl is that it is also available as an Android app. This makes it accessible to millions of people worldwide.

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Websites like Mangaowl

25. Renta  


Renta has over 6,000 manga titles. It is actually an ebook rental service but since it has a bent toward manga, it is mentioned on this list. 

From Shonen to Yaoi; mature romance to classic romance and Yuri to Shojo, you name it and you will get it on Renta. 

You can rent these titles for a short period of time also (say 48 hours).

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Mangabuddy – FAQs

  • What Happened to Mangabuddy?

Mostly, the official website of Mangabuddy is accessible so that users can keep reading their most loved comics. Seldom does it happen that the site experiences downtime. 

  • Is Mangabuddy Legal?

No, Mangabuddy is an illegal site that hosts manga content for free. Many of these are shared without consent from the copyright owners. 

  • Is Mangabuddy Safe?

Yes, Mangabuddy is perfectly safe to use. 

  • Which VPN should I use for Mangabuddy?

While there are numerous alternatives when it comes to VPN services, ExpressVPN is considered the best for Mangabuddy.

  • Are there any other sites like Mangabuddy?

Yes, there is no shortage of sites like Mangabuddy. Try out mangachill, harimanga, Toonily, mangaforfree and asurascans.