Are you unable to access the Mangaowl website?

Is your search for Mangaowl alternatives meeting a dead end?

If yes, then you might want to read on.

Editor’s Pick – 5 Best Mangaowl Alternatives 

  1. MangaTown – A comprehensive alternative with over 15,000 manga/manhwa series. 
  2. MangaFox is – Perfect alternative to Mangaowl purely due to the number of categories it features in the world of manga. 
  3. MangaDex – Stands out in the world of manga because it lets readers discuss theories among themselves. 
  4. Kiss manga – One of the largest manga sites with over a hundred thousand titles across genres. 
  5. MyAnimeList – Hosts anime content, including manga, and provides discussion forums for fans to have a community experience. 

What is Mangaowl?

Mangaowl is an online platform that features all comics from the manga world. From the oldest to the latest, comics (across all genres) can be read for free on Mangaowl. To add to it, there are no ads to disturb your reading experience. It doesn’t matter whether you are a hardcore manga fan or someone who is looking to explore manga for the first time. Mangaowl is certainly the best place for it. 

Is Mangaowl Down or Still Working in 2023?

Even as we are writing this, the Mangaowl website is working perfectly fine. However, there have been times when the site has been down due to maintenance or some other reason. Also, the domain name of Mangaowl has been changed multiple times. We understand your frustration when you cannot catch up on the latest manga comic, and hence, we bring you the best manga sites to manga owl.  

Mangaowl – 100% Working Alternatives {2023 Updated}

1. MangaTown


One of the best man growl alternatives and most certainly a comprehensive one with over 15,000 manga/manhwa series. The website is completely free to use and does not require any registration on your part before you can use it. For the ease of readers, the awesome content is segregated into categories like Hot Manga Releases, New Manga Releases, Romance Manga Releases and so on. 

2. MangaPlus


MangaPlus is more than a portal where you can read manga comics. It is a whole manga universe in itself, which can be accessed all over the world except in countries like Japan, China and South Korea.

Also available as an app on your smartphone, MangaPlus ensures that you have access to some of the most popular manga titles. It is very easy to find your favorite title as you can search using the author’s name too. One can check out new creators too.

3. MangaFox


Speaking of new creators, MangaFox is one such owl manga alternative that will ensure that you always have something new to catch up on. If you take a glance at the MangaFox website, you will find tens of categories with hundreds to thousands of titles in each category. From action to Sci-Fi, Smut to Yuri, and Mature to Supernatural, you will find it all here. The webpage is fairly simple, but it does the job all right.
4. Lezhin Comics

Lezhin Comics

If you are someone who needs to read the latest manga releases as soon as they are out, then Lezhin Comics is your best bet. The database is updated on a daily basis, and you will always find the latest releases here. The best part is that you do not even need to check every day. Lezhin Comics will notify you about the same. Lastly, you must consider Lezhin Comics also because it supports the offline reading feature. 

5. MangaPanda


MangaPanda also comes with an exhaustive library in the field of manga. Moreover, the site allows you to enjoy manga content on any device of your choice. Although you will find all major genres, like action, comedy, thriller, etc., on MangaPanda, there is one major issue with the portal which fans hate. There are a lot of pop-up ads to distort your reading experience on this mangaowls alternative.

In fact, there are reports that the MangaPanda website is no longer accessible. It won’t be a surprise if it does not turn up through a new domain.

6. MangaToon


The best technology is that which can be used easily. MangaToon’s website is the perfect reflection of this principle. On MangaToon, it is extremely easy to find the manga title that you are looking for. The manga reader app is to die for in terms of the user-friendly interface. Add to it the fact that the database is updated frequently, and you have the perfect alternative to mangaowl app. 

7. Webtoon


If you are someone who loves to explore manga from all over the world and are not restricted to any one particular type of manga content, then is a site that you must check out. Here, you will find manga content from multiple countries, including Japan and Korea. In terms of genres available on the site, it has 23, including romance, comedy, action, fantasy and horror. One can also check out new content by accessing the Popular tag. 

8. MangaDex 


There is so many manga.owl alternatives that sometimes it gets difficult to distinguish between them. However, MangaDex stands out in the midst of all these alternatives because not only does it allow fans to read manga for free, but it also lets them discuss theories. Anyone who knows anything about manga knows how important discussing series theories is for manga fans. MangaDex is a must-try for this reason alone.

9. Kissmanga


Undoubtedly, Kissmanga is one of the largest manga libraries online, with over a hundred thousand titles. On Kissmanga, it is easy to read manga comics with high-level graphics too. Users can manage their favorite titles on Kissmanga and even share them with friends and family. One other reason which makes Kissmanga so popular is that it is responsive to its readers. If you have any specific manga title that you are looking for, Kissmanga is where you will find it. Contrary to its name, Kissmanga houses manga titles across genres. 

10. MangaStream 


While most manga sites focus on the number of titles on their portal in order to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for manga content, MangaStream has set out a different path for itself. MangaStream has a selection process using which it decides which manga comics they want to translate and list on its website. MangaStream is known for its deep plots and characters. However, this does not mean you will not find popular genres like action, comedy and thriller on MangaStream.

11. Viz Media

Viz Media

When it comes to the mangaowl app, there are very few which can match the user experience. Viz Media is a free app for iOS and as an apk file. It has in-app purchases as a revenue model. Apart from manga, it boasts huge Japanese anime content. For English speakers, there is good news as you can find the popular manga titles translated into English on Viz Media. Lastly, the search engine is super efficient and turns out results in a matter of seconds. A

12. Toomics


If you are a manga fan, then there is a very good chance that you have already heard of Toomics. On this website, you can check out the latest Japanese and Korean comics for free. From action, horror, and romance to school life stories, Toomics has it all. The reading experience can be enhanced by changing the setting on the app to suit your preferences. 

13. MyAnimeList


As the name suggests, MyAnimeList is not restricted to manga content but goes much beyond it. In fact, it is not only a reading website, but you can also find details about the characters and voice artists of each of the titles on it.

Providing a community experience, MyAnimeList also provides you with various forums to discuss hot topics related to manga/anime. The manga collection is decent enough for it to be considered a worthy alternative to manga owl.

14. MangaFreak


You cannot get everything with every site. This is so true for MangaFreak. While you will find a good old manga collection on this site, you will realize that there are lots of ads to disturb your reading journey. Furthermore, the website is too basic. The clean and decluttered look of the website works for many manga fans and that is why MangaFreak is on our list too.

15. Comixology


What makes Comixology unique is that it is a completely cloud-based website for fans who love reading comics. Available on iOS, Android and as a website, users can read and buy comics on this platform. Elegant execution in terms of the different genres available on Comixology makes it supremely popular among manga fans. As an added bonus, all titles are available in English too. 

16. Mangaeden 


Mangaeden is one of those free and easy-to-use manga platforms that not only meet your comic reading needs but do so in an economical manner. Its search engine is pretty much its USP and what brings Mangaeden to this list of mangaowl alternatives. The website features both English as well as Italian updates. 

17. Mangareader


When it comes to Mangareader, the name is a perfect representation of what you will find on the site. Mangareader has an exhaustive manga library that is regularly updated for the benefit of its readers. The reading layout is talked about in manga circles as one of the best. To add, Mangareader is also preferred by many because of the immediate availability of recently released titles. It also lets you download some titles. 

18. Webcomics


This is another Mangaowl alternative that is truly global in character. In terms of its library, it boasts a gigantic manga and comic collection from across the world, including but not restricted to Europe, America and Asia. Depending on your preference, you can pick and choose from hundreds of manga titles sorted into categories and languages.

19. Manganato


Manganato is a reliable Mangaowl alternative that features manga content from not just established writers but also new and upcoming ones. While the website is quite good, the focus on the quality of pop-up ads needs to improve. However, you can rest assured that you will find the latest releases on Manganato. Though one can log in and register on the site, it is not mandatory to do so for reading on the site. 

20. Mangapark


Last but not least, Mangapark is definitely a good alternative to manga owl. For manga fans, it is nothing less than pure bliss because of the content coverage. As soon as you enter the Mangapark website, you will be bombarded with all the popular updates. Scrolling down, you can check out the latest releases.

By default, the multilingual mode is on, and one can easily switch to just English by changing the settings in the upper right corner. 

Mangaowl – FAQs

  • What Happened to Mangaowl?

Mangaowl’s official website is working alright. Often, Mangaowl has had to change its domain name. This often leads manga fans to search for other options. 

  • Is Mangaowl Legal?

It needs to be mentioned here that one of the reasons many sites get taken down is copyright violations. In this respect, Mangaowl is better off since Mangaowl provides a service that is not based on piracy. 

  • Is Mangaowl Safe?

Yes, Mangaowl is a safe website because of two reasons. First, you will not encounter any viruses or malware on the website. Second, you do not need to enter any payment information to use it. 

  • Which VPN should I use for Mangaowl?

VPNArea and PrivateVPN are two service providers who work well to protect you while accessing sites like Mangaowl. There are many others, like ExpressVPN, that can also be considered. 

  • Are there any other sites like Mangaowl?

Certainly, the world of manga is full of such sites. To name a few, you can check out mangaeden, mangatown, mangastream, webtoon and webcoming.