Are you having issues with enjoying your favorite manga on Dobuko?

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Editor’s Pick – 5 Best Mangatx Alternatives 

  1. Otaku Smash – the Perfect Mangatx alternative, which hosts Cosplay, Anime, Comics, Manga, and so much more.
  2. Niadd – Huge repository of manga titles, videos and, most importantly, manga reviews, along with being a platform that hosts your manga work.
  3. Mangaforfree – Mangaforfree is known for regularly updating its database and bringing you one step closer to your most loved series.
  4. MangaPark – MangaPark has bamboozled the manga world with a library that is regularly updated, ensuring that you are never out of reading options.
  5. MyReadingManga – If you are in the mood for trying something new, then MyReadingManga is your best bet as it hosts short stories and novels too. 

What is Mangatx?

Mangatx is an excellent platform for free manga, manhua, and manhwa. Mangatx understands the needs of fans very well because it has been created by manga fans. It is also available as an application on the Android OS. 

Is Mangatx Down or Still Working in 2023?

At the time of writing this post, the official website of Mangatx is working perfectly fine. However, since the site hosts a lot of premium manga at zero cost, it may be in violation of copyright laws in some jurisdictions. This may result in the site being inaccessible.

Mangatx – 100% Working Alternatives {2023 Updated}

1. Otaku Smash


The perfect alternative to Mangatx, Otaku Smash hosts Cosplay, Anime, Comics, Manga, and so much more. On the website, you can look for your favorite manga not only by genre but also alphabetically. The user interface of Otaku Smash is extremely reader-friendly, and the white background is light on the eyes.  

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2. Manga Stream


As the name suggests, Manga Stream is a popular manga-reading platform that allows you to read amazing manga content for free. Not only is there no reading limit, but its library is also full of manga titles across genres. You can use its Bookmark feature to keep a track of your favorite titles. 

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3. Niadd


Niadd is a huge repository of manga titles, videos and, most importantly, manga reviews. In fact, it is a very good platform for manga fans to try their hand at writing some manga themselves. The library of Niadd is updated on a daily basis, making it much sought after.

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4. ManhuaScan


If you like your manga reading experience to be free of any ads or glitches, then you must go to ManhuaScan. The advanced search option on the website works like a breeze. This is in addition to the genre-wise classification, which can also be used to find your favorite title. 

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5. Mangakakalot


Mangakakalot is a reliable alternative to Mangatx when it comes to manga. The website is fairly quick and organized in a user-friendly manner. On the home page, you will find the latest releases. Though it is not mandatory, there is a provision for you to register on the site for your convenience.

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6. Mangaforfree


Mangaforfree is known for regularly updating its database and bringing you one step closer to your most loved series. The platform also allows you to explore new titles with the help of its trending section. This site also has an advanced search option which is extremely useful. 

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7. Muctau


Are you also interested in some manhwa and Yaoi apart from the obvious manga choice? If your answer is yes, then you need to give Muctau a chance. Also known as BibiManga, Muctau is a good alternative to Mangatx because it also features some writers whose work is not easily available online. 

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8. Webtoons


Webtoons are one platform that has had a global outlook on manga ever since it started. The content library of Webtoons is to die for and can never leave you wanting. Interestingly, Webtoons as a platform became so popular that it started its original series.  

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9. Toonily


If reading manga online for free is your only goal, then Toonily is a good choice for you. More so, the website of Toonily makes it super easy for you to find the title that you are looking for through its carefully thought-out categorization. Popular titles are right there on the homepage. 

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10. MangaPark


You can never stop at just one when it comes to reading manga. This is where MangaPark comes into the picture with a library that is regularly updated, ensuring that you are never out of reading options. In fact, MangaPark has built a following purely due to this fact.

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11. Comic Walker

Comic Walker

True to its name, Comic Walker is a Mangatx alternative that features manga and other content in Chinese for free. It is an extremely popular site worldwide due to the quality of the content it hosts. The site is known for providing readers with an enjoyable experience so that they keep coming back for more. 

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12. MyReadingManga


If you are in the mood to try something new, then MyReadingManga is your best bet. It is a great site for the manga, short stories and even novels. For manga lovers who prefer to spend hours together reading and entering the fascinating world of manga, this platform is a must-try.

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13. Book Walker

Book Walker

Including Book Walker in the list, even though it is a little different from the rest, makes sense. It is actually an e-book store based out of Japan where you can find the manga, novels and even magazines. Some of these titles are by other publishers, and some of them are actually owned by Book Walker too.  

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14. Mangago


Though the site of Mangago is in beta, one glance at it will convince you that it is as good as Mangatx. A very colorful website that allows you to check out the latest manga in a matter of seconds is what makes mangago so popular. You can search for a title using manga or the author’s name.

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15. KissManga


This is one of the most preferred Mangatx alternatives. Being developed by an enthusiastic group, KissManga caters to all the manga needs any person may have. It has something worth reading for all age groups.

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Mangatx – FAQs

  • What Happened to Mangatx?

While manga fans have complained about the website not being accessible, Mangatx is working just fine presently. 

  • Is Mangatx Legal?

Not all the content which is hosted on Mangatx is owned by it. This means that the Mangatx website is in violation of copyright and hence, illegal. 

  • Is Mangatx Safe?

Yes, Mangatx is completely safe for you to use. However, using an ad-blocker is recommended. 

  • Which VPN should I use for Mangatx?

Apart from an ad-blocker, you must also use a VPN. NordVPN is a safe and reliable VPN service that you can use. 

  • Are there any other sites like Mangatx?

Yes, there are tons of Mangatx alternatives that work just as well. You can try Comic Walker, Webtoons, MangaPark and MangaStream.