Sad news for anime lovers that the fan-favourite streaming website Aniwatch was officially taken offline due to “money problems and a few small server outages”. But when one door closes, another opens, sometimes, a better one. And we are going to introduce to you that one today.

Free anime streaming sites come and go, sad but unavoidable. AniWatch was once our home, but now it is gone and according to the Aniwatch team, it doesn’t seem to come back. It is such a headache whenever our favorite site is gone. Looking for an alternative might take forever given that there are thousands of streaming sites that claim to be reliable and trustworthy to check. But not all of them are safe.

We understand your struggle and decide to do the job instead. We have done an extensive research to come up with the best anime streaming site as of 2022. Why is it the best? We will answer it in detail shortly, but in short, it provides you whatever AniWatch did, if not better, and it is completely ad-free!

What is is a new free anime streaming site that lets you stream and download subbed and dubbed anime shows in ultra HD quality without the need to pay, subscribe, register, or even watch ads and pop-ups.  The Zoro team put lots of effort into creating the best site ever by learning from other sites’ mistakes as well as keeping all the good things.

Is Safe?

Zoro is the safest free anime streaming site you can find. As the site is ad-free and doesn’t require any registration/signup, your device as well as identity is kept completely safe. Many think they are safe from malvertising by not clicking ads, however, your device can still be infected with spyware or malware. Therefore, no ads means no risk.

Is Using Legal?

Like 99% of free anime streaming sites, the content at is pirated. It is something we have to compromise on as there is literally no site that pays for their content to provide us the latest releases, keeping us up-to-date with the anime world, at no cost. If you are worried about any possible lawsuit or fine, just don’t. A reliable VPN can help you sort the problem out, not to mention that Japan’s anime copyright laws are highly unlikely  to be enforced.

Why Is The Best Alternative to AniWatch

Aniwatch was one of our favorite anime streaming sites, but once we learnt about Zoro, we knew which site to head to when the mood strikes us. Zoro is a better version of any free streaming site you can think of. Try to make a list of what you want from a free anime site, and this detailed review below will let you know how much Zoro can please you.

  1. Safety

As website reviewers, we have a tendency to care about a site’s safety the most. The last thing we do is to introduce a site that might cause harm to our valued users’ device or identity. Many sites have great content, but the fact that their page is flooded with malicious ads turns us down immediately. But is ad-free, meaning that it is also free of virus and malware. We know many might think it seems suspicious, but it doesn’t require your information for any payment or sign-up either, so what’s the risk?

  1. Customer Service

This is one of the biggest strengths of Let’s be honest, not many sites care about their users. Many have the mindset that they give us their content for free, so a beggar has no choice. That mindset doesn’t work anymore. We literally have thousands of choices, and we are smart enough to give those sites a miss to go for sites that respect our experience. At Zoro, we come first. The Zoro team is on active mode 24/7 to make sure our request/query/inquiry are responded to. Broken links are fixed in no time, requested titles are updated within a day, we should really give credit to their excellent customer service.

  1. Content Library

A site might be 100% safe with the best customer service in the world, but it loses us if it doesn’t have the content we are looking for. But don’t worry, Zoro is safe, it serves its users with respect, and it has a huge collection of anime shows for us to stream nonstop. The site hosts thousands of subbed and dubbed anime from all genres such as action, drama, kids, fantasy, horror, mystery, police, romance, school, comedy, music, game and many more.

  1. Quality/Resolution

You can watch all the titles at Zoro in ultra HD quality. However, to make it more convenient for us (our Internet connection is not always in tip top condition), Zoro offers the options to adjust the image quality. You can go as low as 360p when your Internet is weak and go back to 720p or even 1080p when it gets better.

  1. Updates

Newest episodes, latest releases, as well as requested titles are updated as soon as they are available. More content is uploaded on a daily basis to make sure we never run out of what to watch. One day inactive on the site and you might be overwhelmed.

  1. Streaming Experience

The Zoro team seems to consist of experts in the streaming field. They provide us a premium watching experience at no cost. Streaming is seamless with no lagging, buffering, or ads. Once you hit the Play button, you can start immersing yourself in the anime world without any interruption.

  1. User Interface

If you are a veteran anime lover, you know how most free sites look. Sloppy and untrustworthy. Surprisingly, looks exactly like a premium site with simple user interface and zero ads. It takes us only a quick look to figure out how to navigate though this site. You can either use the search box if you already know what you are down for, use the site’s categories to manually look for one, or click on View Full Site for more suggestions.

  1. Device Compatibility

Zoro is mobile-friendly and Chromecast supported. You can watch free anime online with any device available, be it your smartphone or big screen TV, as long as the Internet is accessible. If you want to save it for later, downloading is just as easy as streaming.

With all these features, is going to be on every anime lover’s lips. Bookmark the site, share it with your friends so they all know you are such a good source of advice.