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Top Reasons To Upgrade To SQL Server 2017 

Microsoft SQL server is a software product developed by the engineers at Microsoft and it can be defined as a relational database management system. With a primary function to store and receive data from a wide range of software applications, the SQL servers developed by…


Top Must-Have Features Of EHS Software 

EHS stands for environment, health, and safety. It brings together certain rules and regulations that can ensure the safety of employees, company assets, and the external environment. The EHS program managed to bring workplace safety and wellbeing of the workers to the forefront. EHS software in…


What Is Devops? Its Evolution & Future 

DevOps has become a very popular buzzword in the software industry today. Almost every software professional, no matter the domain they work in, have heard of DevOps. Moreover, more and more companies and organizations are switching to DevOps methodology because of the large number of…