Part 1: Introduction

For a long time, Adobe has been the most popular application for creativity. If you can pay it, you can obtain access to the industry’s best tools through its creative cloud.

Adobe Acrobat is one of Adobe’s most popular tools, allowing you to accomplish a lot with PDF files. Among other things, you can create, open, modify, and print PDF files.

No one can disagree that Adobe is fantastic, but it is out of reach for most people. It is pricey, even though it has a lot of great features. Acrobat is not the tool for you if you aren’t familiar with PDFs and alter them occasionally.

Are you looking for a simpler and less expensive alternative to Adobe Acrobat? If you need to create, edit, or do anything else with PDF, then in this article, we will introduce you to the best Adobe Acrobat alternative.

Part 2: What is PDF Agile

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative PDF Agile

PDF Agile is one of the best PDF converter and editor programs you can bet on if searching for an alternative to Adobe Acrobat. This program can do more than convert and edit your PDF. Update your PDF documents quickly and effortlessly. Reflow text between paragraphs, columns, and pages; change document layout; adjust text size, font, or line spacing; and add multimedia, just like a word processor.

You stand a chance of easily converting your PDF files to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TXT, pictures, and CAD with ease and keeping the original formatting. To help your workflows, organize and alter PDF pages. Combine and divide documents; drag and drop pages within a file or across docs, also apply stamps, watermarks, headers, & footers, among other features.

For each situation, there are three alternative modes to choose from. With a single button press, you can switch between reading Mode, Full-Screen Mode, and Slideshow.

Part 3:  PDF Agile Features

So, why is PDF Agile the best Adobe Acrobat alternative?

Well, we shall help you with an answer detailing PDF Agile, the Adobe Acrobat alternative free of charge with a user-friendly interface.

PDF Agile features the following features:

1. Read PDF: As needed, apply and toggle between modes: Read Mode, Full-Screen Mode, and Slideshow. Choose the best reading view mode that works for you with the multiple options provided by this fantastic alternative to the Adobe Acrobat

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative Read PDF

2. Edit PDF: Without having to go back to the source files, quickly and easily edit PDF documents, including scans. Also, use the full-featured commenting capabilities to freely mark up the texts, making it easier for creators to review the PDF documents.

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative Edit PDF

3. Annotate: To connect with PDFs more efficiently and effectively, use highlighters, underlines, strikethroughs, words, shapes, and freehand drawings. Don’t believe us? Give this Adobe Acrobat alternative try and see for yourself.

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative Annotate

4. Convert: Convert or scan a variety of file formats to PDF, which you can view on nearly any type of device using any PDF reader. Easily change PDF files to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TXT, pictures, and CAD, and keep the original formatting.

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative Convert

5. OCR: With PDF Agile’s advanced full-text Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, you can extract text from any image or scanned PDF document. Extract text from any photos or scanned PDF documents. Striking feature for a PDF editor, isn’t it?

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative OCR

6. Redact Information: Delete confidential information from your PDF documents, including specific text and illustrations, so that your documents stay safe with you.

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative Redact Information

7. Apply Electronic Signatures and Stamps: You can electronically sign contracts or other papers in three ways, saving time and paper. This feature of the alternative to Adobe Acrobat also helps keep your files secure.

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative Apply electronic Signature

8. Compress, Merge, Presentation, and More: Reduce your PDF file size without sacrificing quality. Make a single PDF document out of numerous PDF files.

Page ranges can be used to split a PDF into multiple files. Easily adjust the visible area of pages in a PDF with ease. Rotate your PDFs in the direction you require with the Adobe Acrobat alternative for free.

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative Compress, Merge, Presentation

Part 4:  What’s the Difference? (Adobe Acrobat Vs. PDF Agile)

PDF Agile stands a chance of being an alternative to Adobe Acrobat when compared with its features and its capability to work just like Adobe Acrobat.

We would look at and compare some aspects of Adobe Acrobat and its recommended alternative, PDF Agile:

PDF Editor Aspects Adobe Acrobat PDF Agile
Supported System Platforms Windows, Mac, iOS, & Android. Windows, online browser support (converter)
Outstanding Features · You can edit text and photos in your PDF.

· Additionally, you can add notes, highlights, and other annotations.

· Reduce the file size of your PDF to make it easier to share.

· OCR can be useful to make the scanned text editable.

· Combine several files into a single PDF.

· Split a PDF file into several files.

· Free Download and online platform available

· It is effortless to add page numbers to a PDF.

· Convert PDF files both online and offline.

· Sign documents electronically.

· It is simple to insert hyperlinks or anchor links into a PDF.

· Convert your PDF into an eye-catching presentation.

· Create, edit, and extract text from screenshots.

· Resize your PDF document.

· Money-back guarantee after the first 30 days.

· Customer support is available.

· Advanced OCR feature that can locate texts from images in PDF.

Pricing Expensive pricing compared to PDF Agile:

Acrobat Pro DC: $14.99/month
Acrobat Standard DC: $12.99
Acrobat DC for teams: $16.14/seat/month.

Cheaper options compared to Adobe Acrobat:

Free version with limited features.

$39/half a year and $59/year.

Part 5: Final Verdict

With its unique feature and capability, PDF Agile will be your best pick and fit as an alternative to Adobe Acrobat you will ever come across. Its pocket-friendly and affordable price would make it accessible to users who want the same value at less cost. Also, do not forget the availability of offline conversion with PDF Agile. So, without a wait, try the new Adobe Acrobat alternative today and see the difference!