The onset of COVID-19 brought with it many changes to American culture — especially in the realm of the workplace. Namely, the pandemic brought with it the opportunity to make remote work a normal part of working life. As the pandemic has subsided and many offices are beginning to require employees to come back to work in person, a large portion of the workforce is not so keen about going back. 

As remote work has become more sought-after, many are beginning to wonder which careers are the most conducive to working remotely. This is especially the case when it comes to tech, and those in the field are beginning to seek roles that allow them to work from wherever they want. 

Being aware of some of the best tech-related jobs that allow remote work can be helpful for those hoping to continue working remotely. Here are some great tech careers for those looking for remote work. 

Cybersecurity Analyst

When it comes to protecting one’s digital network from hackers, there’s no one better to go to than cybersecurity analysts. Not only do these skilled professionals do a great service for the companies which they work for, but many of them are also able to work remotely. 

Some may be surprised to find out that work-from-home cybersecurity jobs are actually quite popular in the field. This can be especially true for cybersecurity analysts who typically monitor organizations’ networks to detect data breaches and foul play. 

Those looking for a tech job that can be done remotely can find their perfect fit in the role of cybersecurity analyst. While some job roles aren’t typically done remotely and finding a company that allows one to work from home may be tricky, this isn’t at all the case with cybersecurity analysts. 

While there are definitely some cybersecurity roles that require one to be in the office, many do not. As such, those with their heart set on working remotely can do so easily as cybersecurity analysts. 

Computer Engineer and Software Engineer

When it comes to tech, the roles of computer engineer and software engineer are some of the best roles that one can land if looking for remote work. While many are aware that software engineers are the professionals who create software, some may be asking themselves what computer engineering is. While computer engineers create software, they also are able to create the hardware — or physical components — that goes into computers and allow them to function. 

While in the cases of both software engineers and computer engineers there are many opportunities to work remotely, some roles may be more hands-on and require employees to be on site. This being the case, if one has their heart set on working remotely, it’s important to be sure that one is only applying for remote positions. This being said, there is no shortage of remote job positions in the fields of software engineering and computer engineering. Those who are qualified and interested in finding a remote career in tech will have no problem doing so as either a software engineer or a computer engineer.

Ethical Hacker 

Though many are unaware that this job role exists, ethical hackers play an important role in cybersecurity. While hackers are usually seen as individuals with nefarious intentions, ethical hackers have anything but. 

These professionals are tasked with the job of attempting to break into different networks, systems, and software in order to uncover weak spots in an organization’s cybersecurity measures. By doing so, these professionals can help organizations stay protected from skilled blackhat hackers who intend to breach security measures for malevolent purposes. 

Much like blackhat hacking, ethical hacking is a job that can easily be done remotely. As such, many ethical hacker positions offer employees the option of remote work. This being the case, those with developed technical hacking skills can find an amazing remote role in the field of ethical hacking while also doing an impactful service to the organizations that work for. 

IT Project Manager

When people think of IT, they typically don’t think about IT project managers. The truth is, however, that large organizations with many things going on simultaneously wouldn’t be able to function without someone overseeing all of the various IT-related tasks and coordinating them accordingly. 

This being the case, IT project managers are sought-after professionals whose specialized knowledge can be invaluable to organizations, especially larger ones with a robust network of software and hardware. 

IT project manager is a position that translates seamlessly for remote workers. This is because project management software is largely online, so these professionals are typically spending the entirety of their workday on their computers. This being the case, this is a perfect role for those with project management experience looking to find a remote role in tech. 

Web Developer

Web developers are the people who create websites from scratch by utilizing their coding skills. For that intent on working in a remote tech role, this may be one of the best options. Web developers can work for organizations as an employee or as freelancers. While some web developers who work for organizations may be required to work in an office, many of these roles offer remote options. Those who freelance, however, are guaranteed to be able to work remotely as they act as their own bosses. 

For someone looking for a tech career that can be done from home and allow for large projects, becoming a web developer can be a great option. Web development is a broad field and has a lot of room for one to find a niche that suits them. 

In addition, the skill of web design can be applied in many different ways, offering one a lot of flexibility and mobility when it comes to career choices. This being the case, web design is a great field to think about entering for those who want to work remotely in the tech field. 

UX Design

UX design — or user experience design — is a creative tech role that can offer one the freedom to work remotely in the tech space. As opposed to many other tech roles, UX designers don’t necessarily have to know how to code. Instead, these professionals utilize different software to craft website layouts that cater to the needs of those who interact with them. These professionals typically utilize their skills to design desktop websites, mobile websites, and mobile apps. 

For those looking for a more creative role in the world of tech, UX design might be the perfect field to pursue. In addition, it is a job that is conducive to remote work with many of the UX roles offered by companies being remote positions. 

As such, individuals intent on working a remote job in the tech world can find the perfect balance in the role of a UX designer. 

Finding the Right Role

While it can seem tricky to find the perfect remote role, the tech industry is one with a plethora of remote career options. Finding the roles that one is best suited for can offer more flexibility along with a fulfilling career. 

While there are still some companies intent on making employees come into offices, many have hopped on the remote work train, and soon, remote work will likely be the norm for most jobs in the tech industry.