A domain name is a big part of setting up a business website. It’s not only one of the first decisions you need to make, but one of the most important. Anyone looking to start a website should take the time to pick out the best domain name possible, as it can provide some great long-term benefits.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is an address your website is located at online. It is what users will type in to visit your site and what links from other sites will direct them towards. A crucial part of growing any business is having a great website, which includes a great domain name. Unfortunately, a common mistake among business owners is glossing over the importance of the domain name and choosing something dull or unrelated. By taking the time to choose a great domain name, you can expect to receive some of the benefits listed below.

Brand Recognition

The first major benefit of a good domain name is that it helps with brand recognition. Every element of your business needs to work together so that customers can recognize it on the spot. From your color scheme to your slogan, to your domain name and social media interactions, everything needs to have a level of cohesion.

Your domain name plays a big role in this. According to Jeff Gabriel, the CEO of Saw, “The best domain names do not require a user to guess what your company name is, who you are or what you do. The domain name should immediately clarify your brand. Pick a name that is short and simple. You want your user to remember you. If your domain name is short, memorable, and easy to spell, users are more likely to return to your site time and time again.”

Easier to Remember

A good domain name is one that is easy to remember. If your domain name has a long string of random numbers or an odd spelling of a word, your audience will have a hard time remembering it. When this happens, you’ll likely find that you’re not getting as many people to your website as you could. Now, when you’re out networking about your business, you can simply tell people the name of your website and have them remember it, rather than having them take the time to write it down.

Better for Search Engine Rankings

A big way that websites gain traffic is through search engines. Getting your website to appear near the top of the search results related to your business is a key goal for most businesses. To do this, your website needs to meet certain criteria laid out by the search engines. Some things they look for are the content on the page, other sites that link to yours, and what your bounce rate is.

With a good domain name, you’ll bring in more people through search engines. They’ll be able to see what your site is about and trust it more because of the professional name. In addition, when your domain name is closely related to your business, it can result in a lower bounce rate.

Goes on Your Marketing Materials

When you create marketing materials for your business, you’re likely going to include your domain name on them. It’s going to go on your social media profiles, your business cards, commercials, and maybe even fliers you put around town. As you’re creating these materials, you don’t want to have to add a domain name that isn’t eye-catching. You’ll want something that is easy to type, easy for customers to remember after a glance, and fits in with your other marketing messages.

More Affordable

A great domain name isn’t just about the aesthetic appeal though, there is also the cost to consider. A great domain name is one that doesn’t cost a lot. It should be able to easily fit into your budget, both at the time of purchase and when it comes time to renew. Unfortunately, a lot of domain names are already taken. If the one you want to use for your website is unavailable, spend some time looking for alternatives. Chances are there is more than one great domain name out there for you.

Don’t Rush the Decision

If you do things right, you’ll only have to choose one domain name over the course of your business. Take the time now to get the decision right so that you don’t have to make big changes later and you can start to receive the numerous benefits that come with a great domain name.