Do you have an active optimization strategy for your online presence? If not, you need one. Optimizing your online presence is an ongoing task with the goal of improving your conversions. Optimization is the means to that end, whether you’re aiming for more video plays, newsletter signups, followers, or sales.

Although you probably already know the importance of optimization, you might be avoiding it because it’s too difficult or time-consuming. While it’s true that an optimization campaign can be challenging, you can make it easier by automating a significant portion of the process. That’s where Optimization as a Service comes into play.

Optimization as a Service provides powerful, innovative features and automation

 Optimization as a Service is a relatively new service offered by Optimizely that takes optimization to new heights. OaaS combines A/B testing and multivariate testing with personalized content and product recommendations.

This is a huge breakthrough in optimization because it combines data collection with automated actions. No other platform has ever combined all of these elements. In fact, to get all of the OaaS features outside of Optimizely, you’d need three separate applications.


Having three separate applications doesn’t sound that bad, but the problem is that data exists in a silo in each application. To get the most out of your optimization strategy, you need all sources of data collection to be in communication. Optimizely’s OaaS accomplishes that goal.

Although OaaS eliminates siloed data, the most impressive feature is automated personalization.

Optimization as a Service automates personalization

The OaaS platform will take the metadata collected through your Optimizely split tests and use that data to provide personalized recommendations to your customers. That’s huge. After all, split testing is only one component in your overall optimization plan.

Making personalized recommendations is critical for achieving higher levels of revenue. To grow your business, you need to increase the accuracy of those recommendations. OaaS makes that easy. Although, there are still more reasons OaaS will benefit your business.

You can use your existing CMS with OaaS

Unlike some digital solutions, you don’t need to switch to a new CMS to use Optimization as a Service. You can run the entire suite on your existing CMS. Whether your site runs on WordPress, Sitecore, Joomla, or Magento, you can deploy OaaS with a client-side JavaScript application.

While it’s possible to use your existing CMS, if you’re in the market for a new platform, you might be surprised to learn that Optimizely offers a CMS and ecommerce solution. It’s not necessary to use the Optimizely CMS to run Optimizely’s services, but there are several benefits if that’s what you choose.

The benefits of using Optimizely’s Content Management System

Optimizely’s CMS is not just another platform like all the rest. The CMS from Optimizely makes content management easier and more secure out of the box. Granted, no CMS is inherently secure without user configurations in place, but you won’t need to use a bunch of third-party plugins just to get your CMS to work.

Optimizely’s CMS comes with a powerful visual editor, split testing capabilities, and project collaboration tools. No other CMS has collaboration tools built into their CMS. The way it works is genius. Each team member can add comments and feedback directly to each page element and it comes with a formal system for approving changes to get content launched quickly.

Why third-party plugins should be used sparingly

The problem with third-party plugins is that they increase your site’s vulnerabilities. Plugins are exploited through bugs, backdoors, and known vulnerabilities. If you fail to install updates and patches for your plugins on a regular basis, you’re a sitting duck for hackers to attack.

Unfortunately, third-party plugins are a requirement when your core CMS doesn’t provide enough features as-is. WordPress, for example, is a powerful CMS, but it’s not feature-rich on its own. To make WordPress function beyond a basic blog, you need to rely on third-party plugins or purchase a theme with built-in features.

Optimizely’s CMS is more secure simply because you won’t need to install a bunch of plugins just to run your business. However, you will need to maintain tight security standards at all times, including enforcing your company’s IT security policy.

Optimization as a Service will become a worthy trend

It’s only a matter of time before OaaS becomes the latest trend in digital marketing. However, unlike most trends, OaaS is useful and will eventually become a marketing necessity.