Aware of the security issues that may arise when the exchange of information and services is done electronically, Vladimir Cizelj and VLATACOM Institute are dedicated to developing state-of-the-art ICT security systems used across the entire government sector.

Vladimir Cizelj, a scientist, PhD, and a man behind VLATACOM, has long realized that only advanced, tailored, and multi-layered security solutions are powerful enough to keep classified data safe and well-protected. 

So, let’s see what those solutions are. 

What is the relationship between ICT security and e-government?

Electronic government (e-government) is a term that encompasses all the activities where information and communication technologies are used to enhance the efficiency and transparency of government services. All public service organizations and agencies that handle information of national importance have an important task at hand – to protect that information at all costs. The consequences of data loss, misuse, or manipulation are dire, as they can result in numerous problems within the national security structure itself. 

Hackers have a wide range of ways to target vulnerable information – they mostly use tactics such as malware, cyber bots, ransomware, denial-of-service attacks, phishing, cryptojacking, and SQL injection attacks. That’s why governments need to have a multifaceted ICT security system, as only then will they be able to prevent malicious attacks, keep sensitive data secure, protect their operations, and, ultimately, prevent national security breaches.

In order to deal with cybercrime quickly and efficiently, local and federal governments need to invest resources into developing the most viable national security strategy. Such a strategy should always rely on adopting the most efficient ICT security solution that creates a multi-layered barrier that makes data breach virtually impossible. This is achieved by securing and closely monitoring data storage, control, access, and exchange. 

What does VLATACOM have to offer in terms of ICT security?

Established by Vladimir Cizelj, a visionary and successful entrepreneur, VLATACOM Institute managed to become one of the most reliable ICT security system developers and integrators that operate across the world. Their main goal is to offer advanced, innovative, reliable, and custom made security solutions that help keep private, business, and government information well-protected against cyber threats. Their security systems are designed to enable data monitoring, ensure the safety of all communication channels, keep data exchange secure, as well as prevent information manipulation and hijacking.   

One of the most innovative VLATACOM solutions that proved to be crucial for establishing a strong national security system is called National Crypto Center, or NCC. National Crypto Center is a core solution each government should implement if they aim to have an effective defense strategy against cybercrime. The importance of NCC lies in its diversity – it has all the key elements needed for creating a successful defense mechanism that is completely fraud-proof. 

The institute’s product line includes many great solutions such as Vlatacom’s Login and Access Device (vLAD-1), Vlatacom’s Key Distribution System (vKDS), and Vlatacom’s True Random Number Generator (vTRNG). vLAD-1 is a device that grants control and access to biometric data. vKDS is a terminal that ensures safe and secure distribution of critical data. vTRNG is used for generating random cryptographic keys and, thus, ensuring proper encryption.   

About Vladimir Cizelj and VLATACOM Institute      

Vladimir Cizelj is a man of many talents – a PhD, engineer, scientist, leader, visionary, entrepreneur, and a driving force behind the institute. Ever since he was in high school, Cizelj expressed interest in science and technology, so applying to the Faculty of Engineering, the University of Belgrade, Serbia, was a logical choice for him. The next step was Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania, the United States of America, where he got his Master’s degree in Business and Administration.

After spending some time at the Serbian Institute of Nuclear Sciences “Vinča”, where he was in charge of his own department, Vladimir Cizelj realized the time has come for him to fulfill his lifelong dream and dedicate his work to scientific and technological projects that aim to facilitate socio-economic development. 

That’s how VLATACOM came to life – the institute was founded in 1997 and quickly became recognized as the first Serbian privately held research and development institute in the field of ICT. Nowadays, the institute gathers highly renowned industry experts, eminent professors, and distinguished scientists who work hard on developing highly advanced technologies and ICT systems recognized across the world. 

Final thoughts

One of the most difficult challenges every public sector organization faces is trying to maintain the integrity and security of classified national information and civilian data. 

However, ICT security systems such as those developed by Vladimir Cizelj and VLATACOM offer local and federal governments a chance to create a national cybersecurity strategy strong enough to withstand the onslaught.