Do you want to make additional income with the old clothes, shoes, accessories, appliances from your closet or garage? Are you looking for the best and secured platform to do this? There are several websites and selling apps available for this purpose. Among these selling apps are those who allow you to sell directly to the buyer, some are also auction apps, while some apps even allow top fashionistas to upload their old fashion items.

We have provided some of these top apps to sell your stuff in this article. Read and carefully select your choice for your sales.


Poshmark is an app for selling major designers and popular brand clothes and clothing items. If you have clothing items in popular brand names, Poshmark is the app to download. You will need to upload and list your items after downloading the app. When listing your items on the app, ensure there are clear pictures of the items. With up to 8 photos of your items and concise description, you can begin to enjoy sales on Poshmark.

Sellers are alerted with a pre-paid shipping label once their items are sold. Poshmark also allows buyers to accept or return the goods within three days.


OfferUp has a mobile app that is fast and easy to use. On the app, you can sell all types of un-used items. When you download the app, enter your zip code and sign up for an account. OfferUp allows you to upload up to 5 photos of your items and select the appropriate category. After successfully uploading the picture, you can then write the description, name the price, and the selling location. You can also post your items to Facebook through the OfferUp app, which make it much easier for most of the users.


Flyp is a bit different from other selling apps like Poshmark and OfferUp. Flyp helps sellers to choose Pro sellers while they await the returns from the sale. You would not have to worry about listing items and shipping them. The Pro seller will handle the process of listing, posting pictures, negotiations, communication, and sale to the buyer.

Upon sales, you will get paid after the Pro seller has deducted their commission from the payment. Apart from selling your items, they will also promote your items on the top-selling apps. So Flyp has the best stress-free and simple selling experience. This app is very suitable for cases when you want to sell big amount of stuff and you do not have time to list all of them separately.


eBay is one of the oldest e-commerce and recommerce platforms around since the 1990s. eBay has both a desktop site and application that it is easy to navigate. To get started on eBay, you will bed to open an account and begin listing your items. You can list your items through the selling tab on the app.

There are two options to get your items listed on eBay. You can choose to use the barcode scanner if there is a barcode on your items or directly input the description for the item. After scanning the barcode or writing the description, the app will automatically suggest categories for your stuff. This suggestion is based on old sales for the same item and in fact eBay help you to add the most relevant category in order to have the biggest chance to sell your stuff maximum fast. 

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is a local selling app, which gives you the opportunity to sell the stuff you don’t need any more and to get extra money for this. Facebook Marketplace is very popular app, used by more than 100 000 million people all over the world. It is called local app, because it is tailored to the geo location of the users. You should upload photos of the product you would like to sell and to manage the delivery and the payment process. One of the biggest advantages of Facebook Marketplace is that you do not have to download a separate app; it is part of Facebook app, which most of the people use anyway. You can use the same user name and password to access the marketplace.