We have all been in the position where you can not get the content you want to watch online or download it to your device. You have tried numerous sites with no luck. Well, there is good news, there are some good platforms where you can get download the necessary app or watch something that you can’t find anywhere/

The first thing you may want to consider is getting a good VPN that can prevent hackers from causing any issues. Once complete, you will be ready to locate reliable platforms for your exclusive downloads.

Why Download Torrents?

While watching films and downloading music is legal in NZ, installing casino apps can be tricky. A good VPN service can be a great tool for downloading a casino application and playing online casino pokies on the move.

Watch all the latest action from the latest releases without leaving your home. You also have the ability to share these with other people online. So you can share torrents you have already downloaded, and this allows others to seed off of you. 

By doing this, you are helping the torrent continue for free to other users. As it is peer-to-peer, it is all about sharing what you have with other users from all over the world. If everyone shares, we all get to benefit from downloads for free, rather than having to pay for the latest movies. 

The Sites People Tend To Trust

There is a long list of quality platforms to use to get exactly what you want. Some of the well-known names are:

  • BitTorent
  • Pirate bay
  • Rarbg
  • GloTorrents
  • Kickass

When you visit any of these websites, you just need to search for whatever you are looking for. It will not take you long to locate what you need. All of these websites offer a comprehensive list of movies, docs, as well as sporting events. 

The speed of your download depends on the number of other users seeding the torrent. So if it is popular, it may only take a few minutes to download. If it is an older and not-so-popular torrent, you may have to wait hours or even days. 

The Number One Is Still Pirate Bay

There is one recognized torrent site that is still in the number one position. That is Pirate Bay 3. Many of these torrent sites do shut down and come back a few months later. So you need to have several options for when this happens. Pirate bay 3 is a fantastic option as it has so many top movies, docs, and other stuff to download. 

Do make sure you have your VPN in operation as well as ad blockers. You do not want to have any problems with downloading any files. So try Pirate Bay 3 for all your downloads, and we have mentioned a few other alternatives. They all serve as excellent downloads so you can sit back and enjoy them from your PC or laptop.