When it comes to online privacy, proxies have become extremely popular. They allow you to browse the web anonymously without geographical or account restrictions. How? These tools act as a gateway routing different requests on the internet via their servers. During this process, they hide the actual IP address and display a dummy IP instead.

This fundamental working principle has made proxies popular in recent years. In this post, we will dive into the nuts and bolts of residential proxies and see why some of the benefits they offer users. 

Why You Should Use Residential Proxies

Residential proxies differ from regular proxies in several ways. While standard proxies i.e., datacenter proxies, use IP addresses generated from cloud servers, these use IP addresses sourced from actual users. They are issued to homeowners by Internet Service Providers, making them legit. 

In this way, residential proxies help access sites anonymously and prevent any form of restriction. They work by rerouting internet traffic through their servers, making users’ internet footprint anonymous. It is worth noting that residential proxies are more expensive since they are sourced from actual users. 

A proxy manager is necessary for users who utilize several residential proxies for different purposes since it can help manage these tools from a central location. Click here to read more about residential proxies and their benefits. 

Now that you know what residential proxies are and how they work, are they really worth it? Should you spend your hard-earned money buying these tools? Below are the top reasons why residential proxies have become so popular in recent years:

Anonymity and Protection

Why do people go to great lengths to hide their IP addresses? The number one reason is anonymity on the web. Anonymity and protection may be essential depending on what you are doing on the internet. For instance, you may view blocked content, use P2P connections to upload torrents, or scrape information. In such cases, you need to hide your true identity to prevent bans and blocks since most of these tasks are perceived to be illegal on most sites. 

With a residential proxy, you can swap your IP address and use an alternative from a different region. Therefore, your internet traffic cannot be physically tied to your IP as the websites will interact with the proxy-provided IP. 

Ad Verification

Advertisement is a fundamental pillar in commerce, and companies are continuing to invest heavily in this marketing technique. However, It becomes obsolete when ads are displayed on fraudulent websites or shown incorrectly. This is why companies need to perform ad verification

Ad verification simply checks whether ads are displayed in the proper context, websites and whether they reach the target audience. Ad verification scripts and codes are usually used in such scenarios. You need to pair them with a proxy for them to work effectively. Why? Whenever they connect to the target site, they need a unique IP address. Otherwise, they risk being identified and banned by the web admins (these may at times be fraudsters engaging in ad fraud). 

Optimizing Internet Connection

Residential proxies smoothen internet experience for users by clearing connectivity blocks, timeouts, and lags. How? Let us assume you are connecting to a server in North America, yet you are located in South Africa. Without a top-notch connection, you may experience lag. However, if you use a proxy with an IP in North America, it will reduce your connection and reduce lag. 

Bypassing Geo-Blocks

Internet content is usually restricted, depending on the country and other specifications such as copyright and governmental restrictions. Some of the sectors affected include gaming and movie entertainment. It can become a considerable inconvenience, especially if you travel abroad only to find that you cannot catch your favorite show or hop on to a game with your friends. 

With the help of residential proxies, you can bypass these restrictions and get access to content all over the globe. 

Switching Between Social Media Accounts

This is one of the most significant reasons why people use proxies. For instance, you may be running a company that needs multiple social media accounts. Opening up several accounts on one IP is banned in most social media platforms. Taking Instagram as an example, switching is restricted to only five accounts per device. This becomes a significant setback to business marketers using these platforms. However, with residential proxies, you can assign a different IP address to each set of social media accounts. 


From the information above, residential proxies are suited to personal and business needs. Now, you are better equipped to answer this question: Are they worth it? Yes, they are worth every penny. These proxies offer much functionality, and they are harder to detect since they use real addresses. Contact IPRoyal today for daily proxy servers