Why Playing Video Games Is Good For Your Brain 

The debate on the supposed negative effects of playing video games has been around for over 30 years. Well, this doesn’t apply to video games alone. Television, rock and roll and novel faced nearly the same criticism years ago. The most surprising fact is the…


Are Esports A Threat To Traditional Sports? 

Becoming a professional gamer used to be a mere pipe dream for many teenagers who, instead of spending their down time socialising outside, would devote countless hours venturing into the digital gaming world. Over the past few years, professional gaming has reached such dramatic heights,…


What Will The Future Of Gaming Be? 

In a handful of decades video games have evolved from simple, pixellated games of Space Invaders to incredible open-world adventures that have taken advantage of technological breakthroughs to deliver sleek graphics, endless gameplay and realistic simulations of everything from space flight to live casino experiences….

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Beta on Playstation 4 

  If you are a video game enthusiast, especially online first person shooters, you probably already know about DICE’ next installment in their Battlefield franchise.  The beta is in full effect this weekend, which coincides in the US with a long holiday weekend. If you…