ROIDMI, cleaning appliance brand of the Xiaomi Ecological Chain, launched the self-sterilizing self-emptying robot vacuum EVE Plus last year that went viral in more than 100 countries and regions with its hardcore strengths. What drove the soaring sales was ROIDMI’s constant technological innovation. After continuous research and development, two more members now join the ROIDMI robot vacuum and mop family: the EVE Plus dark edition with upgraded cleaning power and EVA, the world’s first robot vacuum and mop that automatically cleans the mopping pads.

EVE Plus dark edition has higher suction power

Traditional self-emptying robot vacuums have hygienic risks — the trash that stays long in the dust bag will easily grow bacteria and threaten the health of family members. To address this problem, ROIDMI EVE Plus is the industry’s first to be integrated with the deodorizing-ion generator that could wipe out 99.9% bacteria and fungus and remove smells.

Now, to meet people’s upgraded cleaning needs, ROIDMI launches the more powerful EVE Plus dark edition. The dark edition upgrades the original 2,700Pa suction power to 3,200Pa, bringing the overall competitiveness of the product to a new high.

EVA, self-emptying robot vacuum and mop that cleans the mop automatically

With the auto dust emptying feature, high suction and mopping pads inherited from EVE Plus, ROIDMI EVA is also equipped with the first auto mop washing and drying functions in the category, making it the most cutting-edge robot vacuum and mop in the market. Currently, ROIDMI EVA has raised more than $1 million on Indiegogo and received unreserved praise from professionals in the industry.

ROIDMI EVA has five major features including auto mop washing, dust emptying, mop drying, bacteria and mold prevention, and 2-in-1 vacuum and mop. Real hands-free vacuuming and mopping, it is the most versatile home cleaning appliance. Traditional vacuum cleaner and mops could mop the whole house with a dirty pad. The mopping effect is far from expected, not to mention that after use, the mopping pads also need to be manually removed, cleaned and dried. The hands inevitably get dirty much to the helplessness of hygienic users. The base of ROIDMI EVA has two 4-liter tanks, one for clean water and one for wastewater. When the mopping pads are being cleaned, they are wetted by clear water from the water tank, rotate and rub themselves on the bottom disk to squeeze out the sewage, which is then sucked away into the waste tank. The process repeats to keep the mopping pads clean. After whole-house cleaning, the base provides turbo wind to quickly dry the pads to prevent odors from happening. Throughout the process, users don’t have to get their hands dirty.

When ROIDMI EVA finishes cleaning, the trash in the dust tray will be emptied into the dust bag inside the base. The dust bag is 3L big, enough for 60 days of household waste on the floor. The users only need to do one simple thing: empty the waste every 60 days. You no longer need to worry about constantly taking out and emptying the dust tray of the robot. When ROIDMI EVA works, it vacuums in the front and mops at the rear, and it’s a 2-in-1 vacuum and mop. The 3,200Pa beefy suction can easily deal with dust, hair, paper shreds, and food crumbs that are often found on the floor and carpet. The mopping task is performed by two 4″ round mopping pads at the rear. When working, they scrub the floor at 180rpm with a 12N force against the floor to emulate manual scrubbing and bring deep cleaning to the floor. The mopping pads are 99% antibacterial W-shape HL mopping pads. They solved the problems of molding and health risk factors.

ROIDMI EVA and EVE Plus dark edition are both developed based on the white basic edition of EVE Plus, they can satisfy users’ high and various expectations. The ROIDMI brand continues to launch strong professional players in the field of cleaning appliances, which will surely gain the trust and love of more and more families around the world.