What is Wondershare UniConverter?

Wondershare UniConverter is the complete video toolbox. Formerly known as Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, its use is not restricted to just converting videos. From watching videos to editing them, from burning DVDs to recording or downloading videos, you can do everything related to videos. Transferring and compressing videos is also supported. 

It is renowned as a video converter purely because it supports over 1000+ file formats and the speed at which it converts videos is mind boggling. It is said that the processing speed of this tool is 30 times faster as compared to other tools that offer similar service. The new version of Wondershare UniConverter has some amazing features like audio editing. The basic functions like editing, compressing and converting videos have also undergone a vast improvement. 

Its USP is that in comparison to the other video processing tools in the market, it is extremely simple to use and a large variety of video and audio processing tasks can be accomplished in a jiffy. Further, the best part is that there is no loss of quality of the video after the processing.

This tool provides you the facility to download videos from various sources on the internet and enjoy them on your phone. While burning CDs is a thing of the past, you can do so in both DVD and Blu-Ray formats using this video converter.

Apart from helping you with basic video processing, it also goes the extra mile and allows you to add subtitles to your videos (perfect for YouTubers) and also trim and merge videos. It is these unique features that make Wondershare UniConverter one of the most sought after video processing softwares in the internet. 

Features of Wondershare UniConverter

In this section, we take a detailed look at the features of Wondershare UniConverter. First, we shall understand the new features introduced in Wondershare UniConverter 14. Then, we shall look at some of its other features.

New Features in Wondershare UniConverter 14

  • Faster conversion speed – In terms of file formats in conversion, it has added support for 4K/8K, HDR, HD and the full process GPU acceleration promises to increase the conversion speed by a whopping 50%

  • Support for new formats – The new version includes support for webm and mp4 formats with alpha channel output. This is a much needed feature which will save a lot of time for video editors.
  • MacM1 and GPU acceleration – It also supports MacM1 native acceleration. As regards processors, the UniConverter 14 provides multithreaded GPU acceleration in all be it Intel, AMD or NVIDIA.
  • Support is also included for VP9, AV1, HEVC (H.265) encoder (new MP4 (CFHD)/MOV (HEVC)/MKV (AV1)/Webm (VP9/AV1).
  • Noise Remover – Whether you are a podcaster or a video editor, if you are looking for a tool that allows you to handle post processing of audio or video files with lots of background noise, then Wondershare UniConverter 14 is your best bet.
  • AI audio function – The newest version also doubles up as a vocal remover. You can use this tool to remove vocals from any song using the AI-based technology. 

Central Features of Wondershare UniConverter

In the midst of all the technicalities, let us not forget the central features of Wondershare UniConverter which make it so popular among the average internet user. 

  • Convert Video – Most of us look for a free video converter in order to meet our needs. Wondershare’s UniConverter is a complete package when it comes to those needs. For instance, it supports conversion among 1000+ file formats which includes the popular MP4 (Alpha) format.

Moreover, you can convert multiple media files at once without compromising on the quality of the video or the time spent on conversion. As stated earlier, the speed is top notch. If you are someone who uses multiple devices, then this tool is a must have as it allows you to convert files into different formats for different devices as per your requirement. 

  • Compress Video – Compressing video files is another task that is a huge pain if you do not have the right software. With Wondershare UniConverter you can compress videos of any size without any limitations. Furthermore, the newest version has added support for lossless compression of even audio files.

The quality of compression has been improved by 80% and the compression is reduced to 90%. All of this, without any loss of quality of course. It has been seen that the software also caters to the different scenarios that may have different compression needs through the multiple compression modes.

  • Play Video – The simplest expectation that any user has from a video processing tool is that it must also play the video so that multiple tools are not required to be downloaded. Wondershare UniConverter 14 takes note of this and plays videos in over 1000+ file formats.

People who have used the playback feature (which is independent of the video processing tools described above) vouch for the fact that the functionality is as good as the famed VLC player. Support for 4K/8K, HD video, and GPU playback is provided. 

Plans and Pricing

Before we get into the plans and pricing, it is important to note that there is a trial version of the software which you can use and decide on. 

The Wondershare UniConverter 14 for Windows can be purchased at $39.99 for the annual plan and at $79.99 for the perpetual plan. For Mac, the annual plan costs $49.99 and the perpetual plan costs $79.99.

The perpetual plan includes lifetime access to the software version that you purchase along with updates. However, it does not include newer versions of the software.

There are also certain add-on features like Smart Trimmer, Watermark Editor, Subtitle Editor, Auto Reframe and AI Portrait in the software, all of which can be unlocked by just one purchase.

Pricing can never be seen in isolation and one must always compare with other video processing tools. In that too, Wondershare shines. 


Wondershare UniConverter is a complete package when it comes to your video needs. The tool has been designed keeping in mind the basic needs of the average user and the technical needs of video editors and advanced users, disappointing none. 

For both playback and conversion, it supports numerous formats (some of which you may not even have heard of). There is no size limit when it comes to compression of videos. Editing tools are to die for. In fact, it is difficult to find fault with this software.

The limitations of the trial version are a bummer but can be justified by the feature rich and reasonably priced annual and perpetual plans. Advanced features like subtitles and watermark editors make the software user friendly. AI based technology to remove vocals stands out.

All in all, if you spend a lot of time working with videos, Wondershare UniConverter 14 is a must have tool on your device. With the right tool at your disposal, the possibilities for editing are endless. This is because apart from being replete with useful features, the best part about the software is that it is simple to use and does the task in record time.