Due to the advent of technology, the everyday life of people has undergone a drastic change. Life, in the present times, has become so much more comfortable, easy, dynamic, and fast. However, at the same time, life has also become a lot more lethargic, anti-social and preposterous like the computers that we have in our houses. Our smartphones, laptops, and other such gadgets have become a part and parcel of our lives, things that we somehow cannot live without.

On one hand, technology may have enriched and enlightened our minds, but on the other hand, in pursuit of its crazy comforts, it has forced us to become over reliant on it, so much so that we have literally become slaves of our own gadgets and technology. The utterly pointless and absolute obsession that technology has in our lives has left us weak and vulnerable, to be exact.

In the age that we all are living, technology and knowledge are advancing at an increasingly speedy and explosive rate. However, it would be an utterly dumb decision if we thing of limiting our exposure to technology or absolutely abandoning it, because it will be the difference that we make towards a better tomorrow. For instance, if there was no technological innovation in the world, and you were in need of more essays in the future, you couldn’t just type in write my essay for me and search it up in any search engine; and be presented with a list of online websites that can do the job for you at a minimal fee. But with the current technological advancements that we have in place, anything and everything is possible.

Thus of the quest for better personal satisfaction, some reliance on innovation is unavoidable in light of the fact that we might all want to have clean running water, solid eating routine, and assurance from horrendous illnesses, arrangement of energy and distinctive electronic apparatuses for our organizations and also other material solaces and conveniences in our lives. Innovation particularly notwithstanding quickly expanding populace helps us in using the Earth’s assets all the more productively.

It is because of innovation that human race is surviving the exceptional populace development and without it, humankind would have vanished long prior in a worldwide craving Armageddon. In any case, then again there are negative impacts of innovation waiting in our lives. By dismissing essential human and mammalian impulses like mingling, family life and physical effort, we have turned out to be manufactured and empty. Despite the fact that we are receiving rewards, we are losing the little of the valuable mankind left in our lives due to over-liberality.

Taking everything into account, innovation has influenced our lives profoundly. We just can’t envision living without it. It has expanded our life expectancy and nature of living. Where it has brought people closer in various ways, it has also contributed towards drifting people apart from each other. Without it, our lives would have been less difficult, harder, poorer, secluded, unoriginal, disengaged and perilous.