Social media is the favorite word of almost all digital marketers. Moreover, even if we want to ignore social media, we cannot! And, we keep chasing any opportunity that it offers for our brand promotion.

Marketing changes its face often and the success of our efforts will depend on how proactively we follow the social media marketing tactics to help our brand get more visibility.

Now, 2018 is over and most of the digital marketing tactics that you followed so far are not going to be as effective anymore! So, you must not miss the social media marketing trends of 2019.

So, here’s what will help in making your social media marketing endeavors successful this year.

1. Live Content

I know you are tired of being told that content is king. This is too much of a generalization. And then, you are aware that not all type of content is! Ultimately yes, the type of content you choose can place your brand apart from those who do not get any engagement.

The most trending content type, which is most expected to catch up in 2019, is video content. But again, will any type of video do the trick? The answer is, no!

For maximizing user engagement, you must share live videos. And, where do you get live videos all the time to share? The answer is simple. You can share existing user-generated video content on social media. It may or may not be relevant to you, but it should be interesting.

Nevertheless, make sure that you do not overdo! Re-tweeting and sharing videos shared by other people can only act as filler for your social media engagement. This cannot be the solo strategy though.

To trigger social media engagement for your brand, you can also invite your customers to share their live videos. This is a good way to make the customers feel valued. It increases your brand image and validation when they find the content shared by you authentic.

2. Influencer Marketing

I don’t need to even tell you what we mean by social media influencers. They are no less than celebrities who have the ability to engage millions of followers. Social media has increased the role of influencers like never before. And, marketers cannot ignore this trend in 2019.

So, if you haven’t used influencer marketing yet, do it in 2019!

But do not forget to gather some information on effective influencer marketing, before you hire a social media influencer for your brand. This will ensure that you get good returns on your investment.

If you have already tried influencer marketing in 2018, you must try a new influencer now. Repeating the same influencers over and over again will not help! And, new influencers would also mean new ideas and fresh engagement.

So, try influencer marketing now!

3. Omni-Channel Paid Advertising

Marketers are aware of the importance of paid advertising on social media. But, there are challenges to that as well.

The first challenge is to make effective goals for social media advertising. The next challenge is to identify the appropriate platform for paid advertising. And, the third is to fix up a budget for paid advertising. But, the list doesn’t end here.

All right! That was about the challenges of paid social media advertising that clouded your mind in 2018. Let’s see how to overcome the roadblocks to achieve good brand awareness in 2019?

The best way is to realize and accept that the perception about social media marketing was wrong from the base. The clichéd idea of building regular goals and selecting platforms did not work.

So, it is time for a change! Observe how your competitors are targeting the paid social media advertising channels. This will give you a fair idea of not only what you can do but also about what is not to be done. This is what will help you overcome the first challenge and help you form goals for your social media advertising.

No, your work doesn’t end here! Now you have to select the platforms that can work best for you. For this, you will require big data analysis. Once you have a fair idea of which platforms are preferred by your targeted audience, you can list down these platforms for the concentration of your paid social media advertising campaign.

But remember, you cannot ignore any of the platforms completely unless you are sure that your target audience doesn’t use it and is not expected to use it in 2019. So, you must maintain an Omni-channel presence. And, the list that you just prepared is just for budget prioritizing.

Now, the next step is to distribute the budget. This is not easy, I admit! Nevertheless, paid advertising does require some trial and error.

So, compare your results of paid social media advertising in 2018 for the different platforms that you have used. And, concentrate your budget on the ones which were more successful in bringing visibility to your brand.

If you are targeting a new platform for the first time, you will have to allocate a good share of the budget to this one too, without knowing the response. It is important to be omnipresent as the customers are also scattered over multiple and almost all channels.

But, if you are planning to ignore the platforms which did not bring good results, think again! For these platforms, you will have to change the strategy. It could also involve a change in the frequency of ad campaigns and the content in each campaign.

Summing It Up

Social media marketing trends haven’t changed from the day one of 2019. These have been undergoing complete overhaul over the years.

So, while we can make an estimate about what trends will dominate social media marketing in 2019, we will have to keep researching and experimenting throughout this year. We must also keep a watch on the performance of our social media advertising campaign. If it is not bringing in the desired results, it is better to change the strategy.

And, best of all, we are open to learning from experiences; our own and those of others! So, don’t forget to share your social media marketing experiences here for the benefit of all.

About The Author: Jin Markov is a Content Writer with, a research firm in the USA. He has an experience of 6 years and has been writing on areas related to social media marketing.