Suppose you’re looking for different ways to market your product. In that case, influencer marketing is a great way to get your product to the masses. Marketing case studies show it’s one of the best ways to get your customers engaged in your development.

Influencer marketing has existed for decades in various forms. Even before social media existed, celebrities were promoting products on television. 

Here are the top 10 eye-opening numbers from influencer marketing case studies.

1: The Average ROI Is between 500% and 650%

For every $1 spent on influencer marketing, did you know that returns are typically up to $6.50? It isn’t easy to gauge the real value, but studies are all in agreement that if done right, it’s the best ROI of all strategies.

2: 75% of Marketers Use Influencers

With such a high return on investment, it’s no surprise marketers turn to influencers for their marketing campaigns. The numbers talk.

3: 60% of Teenagers Trust Influencer Advice

That’s probably not as many as you first thought, but it’s still over half. Today’s teens are the first generation to grow up in a wholly digital age. The influencer marketing strategy is not for ignoring.

4: Nearly Every Business Uses Instagram

Over 90% use Instagram to help market their business. The phrase “A picture speaks a thousand words” comes to mind. Even if it’s not their priority, their presence alone gives them extra credibility.

5: Most Millennials Trust Online Sources More Than Family

Millennials have proven trust issues. They grew up with 9/11 and became adults during the worst recession in 100 years. They are the only age group that grew up with and without the digital age.

So it’s no surprise that this Deloitte survey shows why they choose to trust based on evidence, not those they know.

6: The Most Successful Campaigns Aren’t Obvious

In a pre-digital age, there was a reason why everyone turned to product placements. While the source legally declares any sponsorship, products used without sponsorship are the ultimate trust signal, as they’ve chosen to invest in your product.

7: Privacy-Blockers Are Changing the Landscape

Professionals have known for decades the actual value of data. But today’s customers are savvy, and ad-blocking software is more common than ever.

So the focus is returning to word-of-mouth. Only in today’s society, it’s more word-of-tweet.

8: There’s Such a Thing as Too Popular

Studies show that for some businesses, targeting the top influencers can prove wasteful. An influencer with millions of followers gets a lower engagement rate than a user with thousands of followers.

A good marketing platform can help you find the right influencer and hit the right targeted audience.

9: Nearly 20% Spend Over Half Their Marketing Budget on Influencers

Even more impressively, 6% of businesses plan on spending over 90% of their budget on influencer marketing. This drastic variation depends on your product, of course, but for some, it’s a no-brainer.

10: Tweets From Influencers Are Twice as Effective as Brand Tweets

Twitter themselves studied the difference between the two and discovered people were more likely to buy from influencer tweets. 40% is the exact number.

Marketing Case Studies Show Influencer Marketing Is Powerful

These statistics from numerous marketing case studies are just the tip of the iceberg. Even if influencer marketing isn’t the primary driver for your business, it should be a serious consideration for a small percentage of your budget. 

It’s better to keep your targeted audience low-scale and generate quality leads and sales than to increase visibility with nobody visiting your site haphazardly. And ultimately, that comes down to a good relationship with the right influencer.

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