It’s time to find out what trends await us in 2020. For more detailed information, contact our digital marketing agency, but first, let’s find out the basic information.

New Trends, What Are They?

This year many companies see a new starting point and enormous changes. Most online marketing strategies are aimed at 2020. At the moment, you can easily find whole collections of new approaches and marketing tricks. Marketers from all companies read the marketing trends of 2020 to get fresh ideas and raise the company’s ROI in sales of services and goods. They will certainly succeed. Be one of them.

As you know, the marketing industry is growing faster. It is incredibly dynamic because it must meet the expectations and desires of consumers. High conversion and constant customer attention depend on the advertising process. By 2020, it should take on a new look, as user behavior on the network has changed significantly. Let’s go deeper into this now, not only to understand what new trends await us in 2020 but also how to use them wisely.

1. The approach Is That Marketing Is Different

Marketing is complex, not a series of individual solutions. Keep this in mind, no matter what business you are involved in. If your goal is the desire to become the #1 brand not only on the store shelf but in the head of people, then you definitely need to think about what is written above.

It is for this reason that all the cool activities and crazy trends become just a tool to communicate with the audience for a big purpose. Treating trends as a marketing tool has become a new trend. The time has passed for inept use of trends and blind imitation. The time for fake samples for adoration has passed. Now the world of marketing is ruled by an integrated approach and this is the strength of 2020.

2. Artificial Intelligence

In the near future, artificial intelligence will become a driving force for many services and will give the audience recommendations on products, communicate with consumers, create content. Even 5-7 years ago, this would have sounded like something surprising, but today it is becoming a gray reality.

Enterprises that have implemented artificial intelligence will be able to reduce staff costs and accelerate growth by outperforming their competitors. But whether this will lead to job shortages and increased unemployment is still unknown.

3. Customer Focus Is The Key

Despite all the technological stuff, services, easy integration, CRM, many brands work in the old way. But focusing on selling is the wrong strategy. You will not have a chance to sell it to a person again if you have not solved his problem or selected the right product, service. The client is unlikely to return to you if you are not satisfied with the service. You should not expect that this customer will begin to talk about your store; you haven’t done anything so that a person becomes interested in other offers or remembers you at the next purchase.

That is why in 2020 you need to focus more on the client:

  • уou need to implement CRM not only to increase the number of sales but also to better understand customers, analyze their requests and frequency of purchases;
  • constantly be in the process of improving service, speed of delivery, the convenience of pickup, and much more;
  • give your employees not strict instructions ‘it is possible, but it is impossible’, but values and guidelines, how it is possible and necessary to improve the life of the client, because it will very, very affect the service.

Here’s what you really should focus on in 2020.

4. Chatbots

While people are becoming smarter by studying lists of trends in their area of interest, chatbots are also developing. They are becoming more humane, joking, learning to maintain a conversation on various topics. And most importantly – they answer simple questions around the clock and instantly.

Most large companies already use and develop chatbots. And for those who have not yet done so, it is definitely worth a try in 2020.

5. Video

Today, people are actively using smartphones, from which it is not always convenient to read long texts or view pages, but it’s very convenient to watch videos. Video is the most popular format of 2020. Think about it!

6. Personalization

Is personalization important? of course. In 2020, personalization is the key to success. The frequency of newsletters and personalization techniques affect the result, so this tool deserves careful attention, because it has great potential. At the same time, the ability to analyze purchase histories, user behavior, links makes the process easier and more affordable.

In 2020, general mailings and announcements are unlikely to cause anything other than annoyance, so it’s worth exploring all the possibilities of personalization and starting to put them into practice right now.

7. Visual Search

Visual search technology has existed for several years but has not yet gained very wide popularity. Perhaps it is in 2020 that she is waiting for a high point. Visual search can greatly facilitate our lives. Try it now! Be one of the first to implement this technology!

8. Instant Messengers

In 2020, instant messengers will not lose popularity. You need to use this until the messengers have been replaced by something new.

Messengers give us many opportunities, such as communication with customers on behalf of the brand, public accounts, chats, newsletters, and channels. The main thing is not to forget about the quality of the content. Remember, in 2020 personalization comes first, and even in instant messengers. 

9. Social Stories

Companies that use stories in social networks for promotion, increase brand or product recognition, establish contact with the audience, attract young users. And this is not surprising, because it is so popular!

The likelihood that a person will watch a short history with your product or service is very high, so this simple tool will remain one of the most popular in 2020.

10. Voice Search


Visual search is becoming more relevant, but voice search does not fade into the background. Modern users make more and more requests using voice, get used to smart speakers and are increasingly turning to voice assistants. Communicating with them no longer seems funny or even unusual. Rather, the opposite.

Voice search greatly affects the digital marketing strategy. It is necessary to adapt all channels and optimize content for requests of this format. In 2020, it’s not too late to do it! And if you have not done it already, then it’s time to start doing it now!


Whatever the trends of 2020, you still need to understand that first of all you need to do everything with customer care, and only then you will succeed and your business will bring good results.

As you know, personalization comes to the fore. it is for this reason that you need to learn to communicate well with your client. But it’s also important to understand your client’s needs, desires, needs, and preferences. Can you satisfy it? It is on this that your success in 2020 depends.