TikTok has gained a huge amount of popularity in the past couple of years. With all this excitement, TikTok keeps launching new filters for the users. If you are a good user or even if you use it just to scroll away, you must’ve noticed a ton of green screen effect videos. These videos help in giving content creators a virtual background while they are incorporated in the shot as well. The best part is that this effect works not just for pictures but for videos as well! This article will show you how to add TikTok green screen effect with multiple pictures.

Easy Steps for Making Green Screen on TikTok with Several Pictures

If you want to do a green screen on TikTok with multiple pictures, then this is the guide for you. To start, first, make sure that you have allowed TikTok access to your photo gallery. This way, there will be no annoying pops up irritating you later on.

  1. The first step is to go to TikTokand press on the “+” given right in the middle of the screen. When done, you will be taken to the recording screen.
  2. Once you are at the recording screen, the next thing you need to do is sort out the effect. Tap “Effects” in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Unfortunately, there is no search bar to look up effects, so you will have to manually search for the green screen effect. It should be easy as it is trending these days. Remember that there are two of these effects. One for pictures that have overlapping images on the icon. The other is for videos that have a play button in the middle. Download the one with overlapping images for a picture.
  4. Choose the photo from the slider. If you want, you can adjust it by expanding, moving, or shrinking the image. There you have it, the first image.
  5. Next, you can use the timer and set it to a specific time limit. Hit record and pose! Tap on the same record button to stop the video.
  6. Lastly, you can choose another picture from the gallery and record it again. Repeat these steps till you get your desired video! This is the easiest way to do a green screen on TikTokwith 2 or more pictures.


Use Green Screen and Make an Eye-Catching TikTok Slideshow with Multiple Photos

Creating a Slideshow:

  1. For you to use the effect for a video, you should have a beautiful slideshow on hand. Now, no need to get intimidated at the idea of making a slideshow. Those were days of the past when making one was hard work. Now, all you have to do is install iMyFone Filme.
  2. Launch the app and opt for the Fast Video Mode. When you press on it, you will have the option to choose from a bunch of templates. Some common templates are for birthdays, weddings, events, graduation, etc.
  3. Add pictures from your camera roll and press preview to create the video. Save the video to your camera roll, and you’re done!

Green Screen Effect on Slideshow:

  1. Launch TikTokon your phone, go straight to the creation tab and select the “+” icon.
  2. When you press the “+”, you will find yourself at the recording page. On this page, look right at the bottom of the screen, and you will be able to find the “Effects” option on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. In the “Effects” panel, look for “hot” or “trending”. Since the green effect is much-hyped up these days, you should find it easily under these two panels. Don’t worry if you can’t spot it. Keep scrolling, and it will be there.
  4. Select the green effect icon, which has a play button right in the front. Before moving on, make sure that you have provided access to your photos. Also, try not to confuse the two effects. There is one for pictures and one for videos.
  5. And that’s it. Insert the slideshow video from your camera roll that you previously downloaded and proceed to make videos and record like you usually do.

Why Choose Filme?

You must be wondering, why choose Filme? This is the best video editing app out there, not just because of the ease in usage but also because of the tons of features provided.

  1. You don’t have to worry about being an iOS or Android user as it is compatible with Mac, Windows, and these two as well. Basic editing tools like crop, zoom, pan, rotate, editing, and speed adjustment, all are available for your convenience.
  2. Browse through the app and check out the effects provided to get you vivid and vibrant shots. The transitions feature will be perfect for helping you gain viewers, while with the text option, you can put your message out in the world without any trouble.
  3. Want to add audio? No issues, refine the music and add audio to give it a personal touch. You can even add beautiful effects to your videos to give birth to a masterpiece.

Final Words

Editing is the most crucial part of creating video content on TikTok. Using the best of the tools out there can help make or break your game. Try out Filme and level up your content creation game with these simple tips and tricks. Happy recording!