You might be surprised to learn that having a messy desk can waste 1 hour per day at work. Did you also know that socializing, unplanned phone calls, and unexpected drop-ins could waste an additional hour? A 2 hour waste is significant during an 8-hour day of work. This figure should be taken seriously if you run a business.

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Time management at workis different for two kinds of people. These are the people who do not have daily plans or agendas. They are called “time wasters.” People like these come in with a messy desk and leave it exactly that way. “Time fanatics” are people devoted to time management. Calendars and computer calendars are also available, as well as journals, organizers, and trackers. The style of organization on their desks varies from type to subject to even color.

Time management is about balance, so choose the first type even if it appears to be better. Time management tools are essential for effective time management, but a good time manager is also flexible enough to allow changes during the working day. Here are two tips to become a great time manager in your workplace.

Utilize The List You Make

You should create a daily task list to organize your daily activities. You will be able to see everything you need to do for the day, and it will also be a constant reminder for you to do it. Nonetheless, there are some people who create lists that are so long and overwhelming that they defeat the purpose of the list. You can create a useful list by applying the “3 Lists of 3 Method.” This means that once you enter the office, you must make three lists. By the end of the day, you should have completed three tasks on your list. As soon as you have the time, make a list of 3 tasks you will attempt.

Finally, include a list of 3 tasks that you’ll eventually manage to complete. You can make best use of the list by keeping it short and simple.


It’s important to reward yourself for completing major tasks ahead of schedule. Brew yourself a cup of coffee at the office pantry while you take a break. You will be motivated to get more done when you do this. It is important, however, to apply discipline when using this system. It is not appropriate to reward minor tasks such as copying, emailing, or printing, since they are not significant. Completing these smaller tasks in itself is a reward.

It is easy to manage your time at work when you follow these two tips. You can follow these steps without difficulty. Become a good time manager and don’t become a time waster or a time fanatic.

You will find that you are succeeding much quicker than you ever thought possible if you manage your time properly while you are at work.