Nowadays, the pandemic is weakening considerably. But most likely, it will leave a mark on behaviors for some time to come. How can it impact digital entertainment? Let’s see.

The pandemic has become a real challenge for entertainment venues like concert halls, sports stadiums, and land-based casinos to mention a few. Their digital analogs remain attractive to those that are less eager to risk outside their homes. They show people that the in-home experience they offer is enhanced beyond the ones available outside.

Truth be told, digital entertainment is multifaceted. It includes but is not limited to social media, video on demand, streaming services, and online gambling. All of them are multi-billion-dollars industries. Together, they are the main reason why we’re so stuck to our phones.

We’re all constantly watching, listening to or playing games on our phones – and this is the uptrend!

The trends that are worth attention in the entertainment space in 2022

1. Online Gambling

Of course, gaming is a major part of digital entertainment. The mobile games market is growing at 20% a year.

Online gambling is about betting on casinos or sports-based activities. Unlike in-person gambling, it does not involve the physical interaction of players. Everything is moderated by computer programs. People can play various games, such as sports betting, poker, roulette, and machines. They can play through a website or download the gambling software on their smartphones and tablets. Online gambling offers numerous benefits, such as:

  •         cashless transactions
  •         accessibility through any electronic device
  •         customizable budget
  •         real-time gambling experience

Rapid penetration of the Internet across the globe is one of the key factors that drive the growth of this market. The legalization of online betting in various countries also provides a boost to its growth. In line with this, convenient access to top Ireland casinos that can be used through mobile phones also creates a positive impact on the online gambling industry.

The development of virtual reality and blockchain tools is another growth-inducing factor. These technologies provide an immersive experience to the player. Other factors, such as the advent of bitcoin gambling, are expected to drive the market further.


2. Social media

In case you missed it last year, read at TikTok’s becoming one of the most popular social media. This platform grows in popularity rapidly. Over the past two years, it has become the most downloaded app. We expect that TikTok will catch up with Facebook, Instagram and YouTube this year. Why? Let’s figure it out!

In 2020, TikTok had 66 million users in the USA. And in January 2022, the app had one billion monthly active users all over the world. It seems that growth isn’t yet stopping. So, it’s worth considering launching your business on TikTok. That way you can gather your clientele where they are at. However, you should keep in mind that Instagram still remains a more popular platform for shopping. Globally, shoppers increasingly go there to buy items.

3. Streaming Services

Beyond gaming and social media, smartphones and tablets make many other digital entertainment services available. Of course, it includes on-demand video.  Of all the providers, Netflix undoubtedly leads the way. This is a segment that’s growing at a decreasing rate. It’s the best streaming service overall.

Nevertheless, HBO Max spent the last year at the wheel as an alternative to the movies. While Netflix is raising prices, HBO MAX is tough on itself. Thus, 2022 began with Netflix losing more subscribers than it had gained. 

We’ve spent a lot of time on both streaming services. We’ve been watching movies and shows to stay abreast of which service deserves the crown. Throughout the last year, we got the same surprising answer. For as much as the HBO Max app was giving us headaches, its content along with the app’s layout puts it over the top.

The list of the best Netflix shows is big enough to keep some hanging on. The largest Netflix’s recent hit is Lupin season 2 as it remains in the daily top 5 on a regular basis. Netflix also has most of the standard features that makes it beyond the reach of major competitors. And there is enough content, so you’ve got quite a few reasons to sign up.

One of the best streaming services for live TV is Sling TV. Thanks to its customizability and relatively inexpensive price, it allows watching live TV at a much lower price than other cable TV alternatives, not to mention the satellite and cable packages. The monthly price is $35 now, that’s still $30 less than the prices of YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV. However, its new app’s design isn’t that impressive!


The digital entertainment industry has always been a scene of rapid changes. And 2022 isn’t an exception! This year should definitely be no different, with the mentioned trends in particular that are worth watching.