How Professional Photo Booth Software Is Changing the Way Brands Leverage Photos

Photo booth software can be used to create fun images, generate a party atmosphere and to help photo booth operators’ businesses grow. However, modern photo booth software provides a great deal more than this. In commercial terms, it can be deployed to great effect when marketing businesses and brands, too. 

How do marketing professionals make use of some of the best iPad photo booth software systems to help increase brand awareness and get messages out that are in line with brand personalities? Read on to find out.

Leverage Social Media Shares and Likes

To begin with, high-quality images that are captured with state-of-the-art photo booth systems are often more shareable than those taken with handheld digital cameras or phones. As such, you can start to augment your brand awareness simply by encouraging people who’ve used a photo booth at a corporate event to share their images online. 

Well-designed software will allow this to happen automatically at the moment without users having to think about it or log in to their social platforms elsewhere. Run a competition with an appropriate hashtag to get people to share their images – both stills and short videos – on social media with a prize for the most liked.

Collate Data on Users

The best photo booth software allows operators to collect data on their users. This can be very powerful among small photo booth companies that want to expand their marketing. That said, according to Snappic, a firm that produces photo booth systems that run on iOS software, marketing teams can do much the same thing at their events. 

With your own software, you can gain valuable insights into the demographic groups, among other quantitive data sets, that are most engaged with your products and brand. This will help you to tweak future campaigns and marketing events.

Provide an Experiential Marketing Activity

The point of a photo booth is that people actively engage in it. If you want to provide an experience for your event’s attendees, then consider installing a 360-degree photo booth for them to make mini movies with. Such systems have a swinging arm that revolves around the user, capturing them from all angles. 

They offer something more than standard booths but note that not all photo booth software developers offer this level of functionality, so shop around for one that does. Coupled with video effects and the careful deployment of on-brand digital props, panoramic photo booth systems can provide a very memorable experience for all who use them.

Make Use of Branded Watermarks

Photo booth software should create images that help to make a brand more widely known. They should associate a brand with fun and engaging activities. If you use a watermark of your brand in a photo or video created with photo booth software, then you can achieve this desirable outcome immediately. 

Such watermarks do not need to be obtrusive. They can be located in the corner of each picture or frame easily enough. This should be enough to remind everyone who was behind the provision of the booth and what the brand that made stands for.

Enhance Corporate Events

Some corporate events are, without any doubt, quite boring. Although attendees might think that turning up to a conference will be a break from their everyday work, some are simply dull. Therefore, the provision of something that can add a little pizazz to your corporate events can go a long way. 

Recruitment fairs, trade shows, product launches and other types of corporate events will often be viewed more positively if there is something fun to do, like using a cutting-edge photo booth with the latest software. Deploying photo booths in this manner is a good way to show your industry that you are a forward-thinking brand with more to offer.

Develop Virtual Photo Booth Take-Up

So far, we’ve looked at what an in-person photo booth can do to help promote a brand with the images it captures. Please note that in the modern age, virtual photo booth software can also be deployed to much the same effect among non-attendees. How might this work? Well, with a simple browser-based interface, users can respond to being awarded a prize or a nomination, for example. 

There again, some marketing professionals use them to capture favorable testimonials about a brand or new product. This technology can even be used to demonstrate a service or a product from a showroom without the need to be physically present. As such, digital photo booth technology has a great deal to offer marketing professionals these days.