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Common VPS Server Security Vulnerabilities 

When it comes to web hosting websites, many individuals and companies alike go for Virtual Private Servers. Completely understandable – It’s a separate, flexible environment with all the dedicated resources one might need for an affordable price. Although VPS providers already offer pretty secure services…


How To Pay Safely On The Net? 

Nowadays the scientific and technical progress is developing rapidly leaving behind and introducing more and more things. E-commerce became an important part of almost every company. It allows reaching the wider auditory, in comparison with the traditional way of promoting. But usually online business requires…


Manage Endpoint Security With Cloud-Based Action 1 

Meet a free Cloud-based endpoint security and patch management solution from Action1 ( This top-ranking solution facilitates network discovery, enables you to find installed software and orchestrate software updates across all your endpoints regardless of their location.  With many tools over there, you might be…