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Cracking The Code: 4 Ways To Unlock iPhone 

Forgetting your iPhone passcode can be troublesome. It can happen under any circumstance. However, you might need your iPhone during emergencies. Thus, unlocking your iPhone is extremely important.   This article will explain how to reset your iPhone password within the shortest of time when forgotten. …


Should You Handle IT Security In-House? 

Most business owners understand the importance of IT security, but they aren’t sure how to approach it. There are several potential options.  For starters, they can try to handle everything themselves. They can invest in the right tools and resources to protect their devices and…


Open-Source Security: Myths and Truths 

Open Source Security is gaining a lot of attention in recent times, and both large and small businesses are using this security system to be in-line with technology. Commonly referred to as Software Composition Analysis (SCA), open-source security is a simple methodology that offers enhanced…