What type of chat plugin are you looking for? Maybe an embedded chatroom for your website? Or perhaps just a real-time chat widget for your event attendees?

RumbleTalk Chat is a versatile option that can be used in many different contexts – including on websites and at events.

RumbleTalk Chat for Events

When hosting an event that has on-site and/or online attendees, it is wise to have a chat partner like RumbleTalk. This allows you to make your events more fun, interactive, and engaging.

A chatroom is a nice touch to create a space for your attendees to discuss, network, and participate. It’s a nice way to create conversations among event attendees and speakers. You could also use it to poll the audience every fifteen minutes throughout the event which will keep

them engaged through your program. Audience members could also ask questions directly to you via this chatroom

If you are hosting meetings or training, creating multiple chatrooms for them to serve as breakout rooms is possible.

If you are organizing a virtual fair, use the multiple chat rooms as online booths for your sellers. The possibilities are limitless, but it all comes down to one point – well-connected events.

RumbleTalk Chat for Websites

RumbleTalk seamlessly integrates with your existing website. Alongside the plethora of features, this means that you are able to customize the right solution for your company – whether it’s an event or a year-round chat platform.

For those who want to bring their customers together, social chat tools allow you to do so while keeping all communication channels open. This is great for websites that sell products because it allows people the opportunity to share opinions with others and get feedback right away without having to wait until they go back home or visit another website.

For website owners looking to create closed groups, VIP access, or training sessions, RumbleTalk’s Members Chat is available. This chat allows only your members or VIPs to enter and includes a log-in option so that they can’t see what happens without logging in first.

If you want to conduct an online event through your website, feel free to insert a chat room next to your live stream. It is a great way to converse with those watching from home or virtually attend a wedding or business meeting.

Chat and Admin Features

  • 5 Chat Types – Choose and interchange the chat types anytime you need: Private Chat (one-on-one conversation with anyone), Expert’s Chat (one-on-one conversation with the chat

admin), Social Chat (open group chat), Moderated Chat (group chats with an administrator), and Member’s Chat (private group chats for your members only).

  • Collaboration Tools – Live polls, hosted Q&A sessions, multimedia file sharing, one-on-one audio and video calls, and video playback.
  • Chat Admin Functions – Your chat admin can screen messages before it goes live in the chat, ban specific words, disconnect problematic users, slow down the chat, export the chat, mute everyone at once, delete messages, and more.
  • Multilingual Chat Room – Available in 36 languages that you and your users can change anytime.
  • Full CSS Chat Customization – Pre-made themes and skins are available for you to choose from, you can also design your chat room from scratch. For advanced users, RumbleTalk supports CSS.
  • Multiple Rooms – Create as many chat rooms as you need, and use them as online consultation rooms, online booths, online meeting rooms, and more.

RumbleTalk Unique Features

  1. HTML5 – We’re using HTML5 to make your chats work perfectly on any browser.
  2. WebRTC – Recent advances in WebRTC technology make it easier than ever to place live audio and video calls. This service is available for free without the need for additional plug-ins, installations, or add-ons.
  3. Restful API for easy integration – Embed your RumbleTalk chats on any webpage. Our integrations, add-ons, and plugins are available for YouTube, WordPress, Wix, Joomla, Angular, and React.
  4. RumbleTalk Pages – You can use RumbleTalk Pages to create your own mini-website, where your chats will be embedded. It’s perfect for beginners who don’t have a website already.

Free as you start

Whether you are using RumbleTalk as a live chat for your next event, or a year-round community chat room for your website, they have a plan that lets you start for free!

Go ahead and explore how the many solutions they have at http://rumbletalk.com, or send them a message at [email protected] to know more about your options.