Playing Apex Legends is one thing while being good at it is another. If you think that professional gaming is unattainable, think again. Twitch – an online streaming platform – reveals the world of pros to everyone. You can follow top eSports players, learning their playstyle, or merely enjoy your time. 

If you don’t know who to watch, this article is for you. We have made a list of top Apex Legends streamers who will surprise you with their game. Many of them share their tricks that will help you to rank up in the current series, while others merely do this for fun.


Timmy or iiTzTimmy is a real Apex Legends star among Twitch streamers. He is one of the most popular on the streaming platform: more than a million subscribers prove that fact. Besides being a good player with strong skills, he attracts the audience with engaging content. For example, recently, Timmy played for 33 hours online, trying to complete a Master to Bronze challenge. Patience, stamina, and amazing play are what you are going to find in his streams.


Rogue, a professional Apex Legends player from Canada, has been in eSports for two years already. During this time, he managed to develop his skills well and attract almost 500 thousand subscribers.

Viewers enjoy watching different content. Rogue plays with various heroes, switches between scrims, ranked, and tournaments. Besides enjoying your time, you can learn how he curbs kill races and, of course, improve your tactic and skills. After all, Rogue didn’t drop lower than fourth place in tournaments for the past two years. 


If you like uncertainty, Daltoosh is your champion to follow. Unlike other streamers who may be easy to read, you never know what to expect from this Apex Legends’s streamer. While it’s highly entertaining to observe, other players in the game usually don’t like such a playstyle.

Don’t try to imitate Daltoosh if you aren’t nearly as good at the game as he is. You may fail in ranked matches as flexibility requires good killing and movement skills, as well as a deep understanding of the game mechanics.


ImperialHal is an American-born TSM (Team SoloMid is an American eSport Organization) member who made headlines the past year. He was ranked first in four tournaments throughout 2020 and 2021, which proves his professionalism. Therefore, his Twitch stream can become your guidebook on how to improve in Apex Legends. 

While you may easily copy his key binds, which are almost the same as the default settings, emulating his playstyle may be difficult for some players. As well as many other streamers, ImperialHal likes aggressive play. In his case, it’s combined with the leadership position in a team and disciplined approach.


Chris Sexton, known as Sweetdreams in eSports, is among Apex Legends streamers to learn from. Look at his recent achievements, and you will understand why. He was ranked first in five out of seven matches during 2020-2021. In the other two matches, Chris achieved bronze.

While his number of followers on the streaming platform isn’t impressive (only about 232,000 at the time of writing the article), you will still want to learn his key binds and tricks. Players like his matches because of a mix of fun and learning.


Another popular streamer on our list. A British professional has more than 700,000 subscribers on Twitch. While his achievements aren’t as outstanding as others may boast, his account is a place of joy and fun. 

He mostly streams solo queue pubs and competitive matches. That’s why if you want to know how to rank up in the game solo, he is a good example for you.


Snip3down, as well as some other streamers, was also born in the USA and currently plays for TSM. Besides Apex Legends, Eric is also playing Halo professionally. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean there is nothing to learn from him.

If you watch his games on Twitch often, you will notice that he is very good at aiming and, consequently, has a lot of kills in matches. This is probably the reason why he managed to take first place in three of four tournaments this year alone.


Nicewigg is a streamer who may not surprise you with a hero pick but with his skills when using a controller. Although he claimed to switch to a mouse and a keyboard, you may still find him with a controller. 

If this doesn’t entertain you, you may choose to follow Nicewigg because of his openness. He likes to talk in a chat with other players. So, you can use this chance to ask questions about Apex Legends or discuss anything else.


While LuluLuvely (Lindsey) may not score high in tournaments, her Twitch channel is fun to watch. She is the manifestation of hardcore: loud, extremely aggressive, and highly engaging. Her matches are going to entertain anyone. You may not be fond of the chosen champions, but you will like the way she gets crazy and screams during a match.

But don’t underestimate LuluLuvely: she is a fearful opponent for many. After all, she knows how to outperform competitors and slaughter enemies. 

Final Thoughts

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