Modern people cannot imagine their lives without smartphones. Gone are the days when we used cell phones for communication purposes only. The technological progress and impressive evolution of handheld gear have transformed smartphones into multi-functional portable devices that allow us to keep loads of files always in handy. Whether those files are stored in your phone’s internal memory or on a cloud, it’s become convenient to have instant access to any information you need, including personal or business files. 

However, the most advanced gear can be susceptible to data loss. It’s a serious problem that can put all your files at risk. To prevent yourself from losing valuable data, you should be informed of the major reasons for data loss on your smartphones and how to prevent it from happening.

Most Common Reasons for Accidental Data Losses in Smartphone

The most common reasons for accidental data loss on smartphones include: 

Deleting data by accident. This is one of the most common reasons for data loss. More than 30% of cases happen because people delete valuable files without notice. For example, it may happen while deleting unwanted messages or contacts from your smartphone. 

An accidental factory reset can happen when you accidentally click on the respective functionality in your smartphone’s setting or when your kid unknowingly clicked on Factory Reset while playing with your gadget.

If your smartphone gets broken, there is a huge probability that most files stored in the internal or external memory cab get broken or lost. 

If you have a bad habit of losing things everywhere, you can discover that you have become a victim of theft. If this sounds familiar to you, take care of adding an extra level of security to your device. Set up a face ID or choose a good password to protect your data. If you have lost your device and realize you won’t find it, you can transfer all files from it to a safer place remotely. Cloud synchronization functionality should be a great fit in this case. 

OS updates are another common reason for data loss. Ensure that you upload all the needed files to a cloud or make a backup before installing an update. If the operating system takes too long to install, some of your files might likely be broken or lost.

Mobile Data Recovery

Mobile Data Recovery

If you discover that some of your files were lost or damaged, you can order professional cell phone data retrieval services to keep all your precious files in place. An expert team can help you recover photos you accidentally deleted from the gallery and retrieve video and audio files, messages, contacts, documents, etc. Whether you have lost data on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or camera, the professionally trained team can help you restore all files from your device’s internal or external memory.