While every MOBA gamer is running around looking for tips for Mobile Legends builds, it may be worthwhile studying which map is the best to play on for the most satisfying battles. There are several for you to choose from, but you’ll need to select the mode you want first. We’ll quickly show you which Mobile Legends maps are available before summarizing which one we enjoyed the most.

Classic Maps

There are three classic Mobile Legends maps that every beginner will run through, namely, Western Expanse, Celestial Palace, and Imperial Sanctuary. There may be variants of these based on seasonal events. For instance, Christmas Imperial Sanctuary and Halloween Celestial Palace take the same outlines but insert new themes and decorations.

The Classic mode pits five players against another five with standard game rules. You’ll win rate will increase or decrease, but you won’t have to worry about it affecting your Rank. You can choose any heroes as you wish.

Brawl Map

The Necrokeep is a popular map for players who have advanced in gameplay and are looking for something riskier. You can only select one of two heroes, and there’s only one lane available instead of three. It features shorter gameplay with bushes where you can hide. Gamers love to play this Mobile Legends map to increase their credit scores.

Arcade Maps

There are some fun arcade Mobile Legends maps that feature as sub-games. You’ll only be able to play them during special occasions, but each one has a specific mode linked to the season or event. Here are some of the types that have appeared in the past:

  • Arena
  • Brawl&Mirror
  • Chess TD
  • Deathbattle
  • Evolve
  • Frenzy
  • Mayhem
  • Magic Chess
  • Mirror
  • Ravage
  • Shadow Brawl
  • Survival
  • Survival: Nexus

Choose your destiny!

It’s tough to pick just one of the Mobile Legends maps as the best. However, we recommend hitting Western Expanse as a beginner, as it’ll be easier to get into. When you reach more advanced levels, feel free to take on the Brawl map for some intense action.