The crypto market is mainly characterized by the fact that it brings extremely high profits in both the short and long term. Investment funds that own billions and ordinary users with only a few thousand in fiat put their savings into various blockchain projects, cryptocurrencies, and tokens.

The number of investments in the crypto market continues to grow since digital assets have become part of the global financial system and economy. With digital assets, you can buy almost any product, from sneakers to real estate. Banks and decentralized platforms provide loans in virtual coins, and expand the infrastructure that allows working with cryptocurrencies.

Thus, cryptocurrencies have ceased to be something provocative and rare, and digital investments turn to be very profitable. There are many projects with their own internal currencies in the market, but very few are able to bring profit when investing in them in the medium and long term. One of these projects is Decimal with its own DEL cryptocurrency.

Is it possible to consider Decimal a profitable investment?

This issue requires detailed consideration. First of all, it should be noted that Decimal was created 2 years ago by Russian developers. They launched a blockchain platform in the market that has a built-in constructor that allows you to create decentralized applications and any tokens.

After the launch of the Decimal project, the industry experts called it the latest generation blockchain. Why did they make such a suggestion?

As you know, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and some other blockchains are considered leaders in the field of blockchain. Other projects, tokens, and Apps are being created on their basis. And all of them have one thing in common – only experienced programmers who have a clear understanding of all technical characteristics of blockchain technology can work with them.

Thus, the vast majority of participants in the cryptocurrency market have no opportunity to create their own tokens and benefit from them, and are forced to adapt to other people’s decisions.

The developers of the Decimal platform have chosen the simplicity and functionality of the application as their basic strategy.

Simplicity and functionality

Decimal was designed on the basis of its own DecimalChain blockchain and is aimed at all types of crypto investors. First of all, it would be perfect for an ordinary user who does not have special education in programming and coding.

What is its use for a client who has just learned about cryptocurrency, or blockchain?

He can create his own token within a few minutes with the built-in constructor of the platform and sell this token in the crypto market. The interface is designed so that the process of creating a coin was as simple as possible.

Thus, Decimal covers almost all categories of users involved in the cryptocurrency market. And as you know, the more participants can use the tools of the platform, the higher its stability.

In turn, the stability of the platform is the basis for successful investments. The stability indicator is one of the main ones when evaluating a particular project. In the case of Decimal, its stability is maximum due to its utility.

However, this is not the only indicator by which you need to judge how good Decimal is as an investment. A few things should be said about the DEL coin and why it surpasses ETH.

DEL by  Decimal: providing various token models in the market

As you know, users working with the Ethereum blockchain and owning the ETH currency have repeatedly complained about the slow operation of network and high fees. Thus, this imposes certain restrictions on the use of ETH in real life. Many projects are forced to refuse from using the Ethereum blockchain.

In contrast, Decimal has created a blockchain that allows you to conduct a transaction on the network at maximum load in just a few seconds (4-6). Fees are no more than 0.41 DEL. The speed of transactions is at least 2000 per second.

The main feature of the DEL cryptocurrency is that it acts as an underlying asset when a user or a company creates its own token.

That is, any token that is created through the constructor on the Decimal platform is already provided with the internal currency of DEL and has a certain value in the market. The token can be converted to DEL, transferred to a crypto wallet, and used for your project as an internal asset.

The DEL cryptocurrency itself is traded on several leading cryptocurrency exchanges, including BitTeam P2P, CoinsBit, and according to experts, its value will grow smoothly over the next years.

Thus, DEL has practical value for users and companies, which is also an important parameter for winning investments.

Other features of Decimal make investments in the platform profitable.

There are 4 main reasons why DEL is a reliable investment:

  • It is a ecentralized cryptocurrency wallet where you can store assets
  • You are able to earn on staking
  • You can easily create your own NFTs using the DecimalChain console and sell them on the marketplace.
  • Full compatibility with leading blockchains such as Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain.

So, is Decimal really a good investment?

It is worth noting that any investment in any project and currency has a certain risk. This applies to all assets on the cryptocurrency and stock market. There are no exceptions. However, there are projects that have minimal risks when investing.

Decimal is exactly one of them. As previously stated, it has high stability due to the fact that any user can use its capabilities.

It has its own DEL currency, which is included in the listing of leading exchanges. You can create your own token on the platform, and it will be provided with the DEL currency. You can also use Decimal to create and sell NFT on marketplaces and interact with leading blockchains.

Decimal regularly updates its functionality, offering new solutions for the DeFi market, thanks to which it becomes open and transparent.

Thus, Decimal is a simple, clear, multifunctional, easy-to-use product that can bring its investors a good profit.