What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is the practice of protecting a system or network from digital attacks. These attacks are generally aimed to retrieve or destroy sensitive information and it is a serious threat to all the organizations.

Who is A Cyber Security Analyst

A Cyber Security Analyst protects systems from cyber threats like hacking. He or She inspects the security measures that the office’s infrastructure has, both software and hardware, and finds out flaws in them and fixes them. 

In other words, a Cyber Security Analyst makes sure that the organization’s data is safe and that no one is intruding into the organization’s systems.

Cyber Security As A Career Choice

Job of a Cyber Security Analyst is very active and engaging. One can be inspecting security systems one day and be fighting off a serious security threat the other. There are many responsibilities of a Cyber Security Analyst 

Few are

  • Design and implement security systems to the organization’s devices.
  • Establish rules and protocols that assure that data and the network is protected.
  • Constantly monitoring security access. 
  • Testing security measures.
  • Conduct internal and external security audits
  • Analyzing the possible threats and making suitable changes in the system to prevent them.
  • Manage network, intrusion detection and prevention systems
  • Analyze all the breaches and find the main cause or the flaw that made it possible
  • Provide corporate security policies and implement them
  • Give necessary training to other employees so they are protected from digital attacks.
  • Coordinate security plans with other Vendors with whom the organization is associated. 

Some people choose to continue on the post of Cyber Security Analyst but there is a chance to get to higher positions like CISO or Security Director.

Courses to Consider To Become A Cyber Security Analyst

If one is interested in becoming a Cyber Security Analyst, a lot of courses and qualifications can be considered. Today, you can find some universities providing Cyber Security degrees.

Also, you can find Cyber Security courses both online and offline that can help you learn Cyber Security and make a great career in the Cyber Security industry. Most employers hire people with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science who are well-versed with skills, like ethical hacking. People with no related degree but enough talent, experience and certifications are also hired.  

These include skills like:

  • C, C++, Java, and other programming languages. 
  • Writing, teaching, and public speaking skills are also required as Cyber Security Analysts are required to draft policies and communicate security guidelines with other people.
  • Some certificates that are required are CHE, ECSA, GSEC/GCIH/GCIA, CISSP, etc.

Salary Prospects in Cyber Security Domain

A Cyber Security Analyst is a well-paying job, on average one makes $66,981 per year but overall the salary for a Cyber Security Analyst ranges from $42,782 per month to $100,755 per month, this includes annual salary, bonuses, tips and commissions, profit sharing and other forms of income (statistics are according to 2019 figures from PayScale).


A Cyber Security Analyst is like a digital superhero, who protects the systems and networks from digital threats and even fights them back.

It is basically an office-based job and the Cyber Security Analyst will be working on a computer for long periods of time. However, if you are a consultant, you might need to travel and visit various clients. There is also an option to work independently or of self-employment. One can set up an agency and work as contractor. 

There is no one fixed course that is required for becoming a Cyber Security Analyst and the importance of the degree starts to matter lesser and lesser as the person gains more and more experience employers are more interested in what one has done or achieved professionally. 

Cyber Security Analysts make good money and have a very active career and – to some people – interesting work life. They face many challenges and they are expected to find creative solutions to them. This job is perfect for someone who is comfortable with a desk job and has an interest in computers and networks. However a Cyber Security Analyst has heavy responsibilities but it is a great job.