Instagram now offers an unsend feature to all its users. With this facility, you can unsend a message in DM and group chat with a single click. 

Considering this, we will explain all the aspects of the Instagram unsend feature and answer the common questions related to it. 

So, without any further delay, let us dive into the detailed information.


What Happens When You Unsend/Delete A Message On Instagram?

When you use the unsend feature of Instagram, the message will be deleted from the chat. The message will be unsent from your end, and it will not be available to the reader. 

Does Instagram Send Any Notification When You Unsend/Delete A Message?

Instagram will not send any notification to the receiver or sender when you delete/unsend a message in your DM. You can simply delete the message, and no one will know that you deleted the message.

Unsend Message Instagram Notification

There is no unsend message notification on Instagram. Moreover, when the sender unsends a message in the DM, the notification of that particular message disappears.

Does Instagram Notify When You Unsend A Group Message?

No, Instagram no longer notifies anybody in the group chat when you delete/unsend a message. You can delete the message from the group chat forever.

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How to unsend a message on Instagram?

Here are the simple steps to unsend a message on Instagram in the DM.

  • Open the conversations by clicking the message icon on the top right corner of the app.

  • Now, open the conversation from where you want to unsend a message, image, or any other thing.

  • If you are using a smartphone (iOS or Android), then press and hold on to the message that you want to unsend. If you are using a PC, click on the three-dot button on the side of the message.

  • The unsend option will appear on the screen. 

  • Click on it, and the message will be unsent.

What Should You Know Before You Unsend A Message On Instagram?

There are some critical points that you need to deem before you unsend a message. Is there any time limit? Can you read the unsent message? There are many more aspects. Let us get answers to all these important questions.

Is there any time limit to unsend a message in DM on Instagram?

There is no time limit to unsend a message in DM on Instagram. You can unsend a message in DM with any person anytime.

Instagram Keeps A Copy Of the unsent message

Instagram keeps a copy of the unsent message for some time before it is deleted completely from the platform’s database. According to its Data Policy, the platform keeps some bits of the message that will link to your profile even if you unsend it for security reasons.

Does Unsending Group Messages Work Similarly to DMs?

You can unsend a message in the group chat in the same way you unsend one in the DM. 

  • Open the group chat.
  • Click on the message you want to unsend.

  • Click on the unsend option.

How Do I Get Back an Unsent Message on Instagram?

There is no way to get back the messages that you have unsent in DM or group chat on Instagram.

Can You Read Unsent Instagram Messages?

There is no official way to read an unsent message on Instagram. However, there are some third-party apps that keep logs for all the notifications or send the notifications to your mail. You can read and retrieve the bits of the message from those notification logs.

However, you have to install these third-party apps on your smartphone before the sender unsends the message. Installing the apps after the message is unsent will recover nothing.


Can you unsend a message after it is read by the receiver?

You can unsend a message after the receiver has read it. It will no longer be available in the DM. 

How Long Does The Unsent Message Stay On the Instagram Platform?

According to the Data Policy of Instagram, unsent messages and deleted content stays on Instagram for 30 days minimum. 

Can you report an unsent message?

If you have not read the message, then you cannot report the unsent message. However, you can report the person or restrict the account.

Does The Receiver Know If I Delete A Chat On Instagram?

The other person will know nothing if you delete the chat on Instagram.

Reporting Can Restore Your Deleted Messages?

When you report the person and the activity, then Instagram will review the whole scenario and take appropriate steps to resolve the issue. 

Can I Know If Someone Unsend A Message In DM?

If you get a notification of a message by some person and then it disappears from your notification center and Instagram conversation before you have read it, then the person has unsent a direct message.