Are you having difficulty managing different folders or directories on your Mac? Don’t stress over it. Commander One is here to the rescue. This dual panel file manager for Mac is all set to reduce your hassle while managing different folders. You can view two of them directly on your screen and transfer the files with ease.

The software works perfectly with macOS 11 Big Sur and is compatible with version 10.10 and later. Devices running Big Sur require 45 MB of free space approximately to use the software.

Let us discuss the features of the tool in detail.

Features of Commander One

Easy file selection and management

With brief mode and smooth file selection, you can organize, view, select and manage all the files and folders in no time. You get an option to assign any action to the hotkeys, which further elevates the ease of managing all the files.

There is a simple toggle button available to change the access of the hidden files. With a single click, you can view and hide all the hidden files in a particular directory.

You can add several tabs to two panels of the tool. There is an option to mark any folder as a favorite so that you can access them in a jiffy. Other than that, you can backtrack your actions with the history backup of the tool. You can copy, delete, paste files easily between any two folders.

Single stop for all your clouds and servers

No need to go through the hassle to access each server storage and cloud storage separately. With Commander One, you can access them at a single stop.  

It provides full support to FTP client on Mac, Amazon S3, GoogleDrive, Onedrive, Dropbox, WebDAV client. You can easily mount the cloud storage with your local storage of the mac device. Let’s discuss the support given to all remote servers and clouds.

FTP Client

There is an in-built server in the tool that connects you to servers via FTP, which allows easy management of files. All the settings are saved by the tool while the passwords are protected in MAC OS KEYCHAIN.

Google Drive

You can access all the folders and files on Google Drive via Commander One. You can mount several accounts with the data kept online and work efficiently.

Amazon S3

Link your Amazon S3 with Commander One and enjoy all the storage space with ease.


You can link all the accounts with Commander One and manage all the files from a single stop. If you don’t want to link, then you can mount and access the files.


You can set the drive accounts and work on them as you are working with local storage through Commander One.

Higher connectivity

With Commander One, you can quickly share files between your other iOS, Android, and media devices. Let us discuss everything in detail

Android devices

If you want to manage files on an Android device, all you need is to connect your MAC with the device through a USB cable. With Commander One at your disposal, you can view photos and videos, listen to songs, and copy all the necessary files in no time.

iOS devices

You can easily mount your other iOS devices and enjoy quick file management with Commander One. It supports all the versions of iOS between five and eleven.

MTP transfer

Connect your camera, video player, and other devices in MTP mode and enjoy quick file transfer and management. All you need is to connect the device with a USB cable and then mount the drive on your Mac.

Advanced search facility and control of files

You can control all the files and other system processes with the terminal window. You execute commands directly in Commander One too.

With RegEx support, you can never lose the file even if you forget its name. There are several filters to sort the file and a spotlight search feature to pinpoint your file on your Mac.

Commander One 3.0: The latest version

Recently, the company launched a new version named Commander One 3.0. The latest version Gives access to several new features. Let’s have a quick look at the major ones.

  1.       You get support for Backblaze B2, Box Cloud, and OpenStack Swift.
  2.       Support to new areas in Amazon S3 and ability to select server endpoint
  3.       You get support for Google Team Drives, Finder tags, and Dropbox Business.
  4.       New dark-mode for macOS 10.14
  5.       Support for editing files on online servers, MTP devices, and archives.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, the tool gives you access to several features that will reduce your hassle to manage your files on your Mac. With strong integration with remote servers and cloud storage, you get a full package to handle everything under one stop.

Stop waiting around and download the application to experience all the features for yourself.