Have you recently started streaming and have no idea how much it costs to have satellite TV or cable? Or are you sticking on Xfinity or Spectrum because you are already used to paying a set amount of money? Nowadays, there are so many choices of streaming or cable services that may leave you wondering which option offers the best value for money? 

Over recent years, most people have been migrating from cable TV to streaming platforms such as Hulu or Netflix. But with the cost of these streaming services increasing steadily, various companies are creating discount plans to lure new customers. For instance, the  Comcast senior discount application allows seniors to get friendly plans that will lower their monthly bills or combine their subscriptions with other internet and mobile phone plans. 

So as you weigh your options between cable and streaming, here are a few factors to consider.


Cable promotions are everywhere, offering excellent price deals for new or returning customers. In most scenarios, these offers are found to be more attractive compared to streaming services. 

But have you done your research to find out if you are getting value for money? Cable TV can be quite expensive, especially after the promotional period is over. 

Streaming services will offer monthly subscriptions without contracts, making it easier to cancel your subscription anytime. Additionally, cable TV providers usually charge equipment rental fees, such as DVR fees, while streaming services include everything in their monthly subscriptions.

Your Internet Connection

While internet connectivity may seem odd in this debate, it’s essential when pricing your TV entertainment. You will require high-speed internet connectivity of about 10Mbps for your streaming services, and it is crucial to ensure you have that while switching from cable to streaming TV. This could lead to extra unplanned costs. 

However, you could get a discount or bundled pricing if your cable provider provides both TV and high-speed internet connectivity. The discount is typically an incentive to keep both services on the same bill with your cable provider. 

Channels Available 

We often switch from cable TV to streaming platforms to avoid paying for hundreds of channels when we only watch a handful of them. Although cable subscriptions come with a lot of channels, sometimes they can feel overwhelming. Streaming services can be more selective, allowing you to choose specific movies and TV shows. However, in some cases, your choices can also be very limited to only a few handfuls of content. For instance, Apple+ only had 121 titles on its streaming platform as of July 2022. 


Cable and streaming service providers have become quite competitive nowadays, and their prices are almost similar. Overall, your needs and preferences are what will determine which entertainment service provider you choose. To get a better deal, assess what you want to watch and find which provider offers the best prices for the entertainment. Remember to consider other offers such as internet packages or cheaper rates if you pay for annual subscriptions.