A PBX (private branch exchange) system is a communication system within a business or enterprise that switches calls between users on a local line, enabling users to share a certain number of external phone lines. A modern day PBX will utilize an internet connection to make this connectivity, meaning that you can have more phones than physical phone lines and easily connect with people outside the organization, but also staff within it, usually for free. These cloud based virtual phone systems have become more popular especially now when many people prefer to work remotely. This system gives them that opportunity to have access to connect from everywhere as they provide a quick and reliable phone connection which makes the working outline easier

There are plenty of reasons why a PBX system can be useful for your business to implement, and it’s for these reasons why the majority of businesses around the globe are using this technology. It’s important for businesses to not get left behind; so, to make sure you can stay competitive a PBX is one tool that can help you do that. Here’s why: 

It’s Cheap 

As most of this technology is online, it means that the service is being hosted remotely on an external server. This means that a virtual hosted PBX is a lot cheaper to install as it doesn’t require as much hardware than a traditional office-based telephone system. 

It also saves money in the long term too, as your business is only charged one monthly fee for the entire service, meaning there’s no extra expenses like repairs or upgrades.

Despite being cheaper, it doesn’t mean it lacks in quality, as PBXs have a lot of sophisticated technology and features, such as voicemail, call transfers, call recording, call queues, interactive voice menus and whole lot more to make your communication more productive.

It’s Fast To Install

As it utilizes the cloud to function, the installation process for the service is extremely quick, due to the less hardware it needs. This means that a PBX can be installed and be ready to use in a matter of days as opposed to weeks, which was the case for conventional telecommunication technology. 

Good For Small Businesses

A PBX is perfect for small businesses just starting out because of its low cost, but also, its ability to grow and expand as your company expands. Unlike a premise-based system that may have a set capacity of lines and devices it can support, you can gain extra extensions easily, increasing your network as and when you need it. It also provides multiple phone numbers, meaning that as you grow and cater to a larger area, you can still have a local presence without the need to add extra lines. 


As a PBX system is based online and not on specific hardware, it means that workers don’t have to uses specific office devices to access the connectivity functions. Devices such as mobiles and laptops can connect to the same hosted PBX system, meaning that staff can be more mobile, giving them the option to work remotely and reap the benefits of doing so, which can boost productivity. 


Smart and more up-to-date PBX systems will come with a great and easy-to-navigate user interface that’s regularly available to view on a website or mobile app. This interface can make management easier and allow you to organize users, groups, devices, numbers, and a lot more. This means you have more control over your telephone system and can make changes and keep a close eye on how it’s working without having to get the system provider in to help.