Marketing automation is a robust technique. From the moment you begin, there are numerous little things you need to watch out for. You’ll find some of the most crucial considerations you should make here while creating your marketing automation approach. 

Begin Small

Do not assume that just because you took the time to research your audience, you immediately have to apply everything at once. Starting little is acceptable. In reality, doing that has a few advantages.

First, by doing this, you may concentrate on the important factors that will provide you with the best return on investment. In addition, you can devote more resources to perfecting and A/B testing crucial automation because you will only be attempting to install some things at a time. You can rely on Maropost to help you meet your marketing objectives with a 98% deliverability rate guarantee.

Thus, the likelihood of errors and blunders is decreased. Not to mention, it enables you to begin with a lower budget.

Use multi-channel automation to your advantage.

Automation is much more than just sending emails! Consider all the social media platforms where your users are active. What additional platforms do you use to interact with your audience?

For instance, you can import Facebook data into your email tool to generate segments. You may also go in the opposite direction and use email data to create Facebook audiences to target more subscribers!

Use lead scoring effectively.

Lead scoring is a form of data you must gather while utilizing email marketing automation, speaking about data, and tracking. After all, there is no other way to identify the clients who could be prepared to make a buy.

Assign various lead scores to activities like joining a webinar or using the checkout button while setting up your workflows. Use automated processes to send more sales emails to subscribers after they hit a specified lead score level.

A high lead score does not guarantee that the specific subscriber would be willing to purchase from you. Nevertheless, it’s one of the finest measures of interest and involvement.

Keep your contacts clean.

Unfortunately, you can’t recover them all, no matter how effective your re-engagement procedure is. Some of your contacts won’t reread your emails.

This could be because they lost interest, only signed up for the lead magnet or several other reasons. Remove their information from your list whenever you come across individuals like this.

All those inactive emails might distort your stats and frequently raise the cost of your marketing automation tool budget.

When building a strategy, consider cleaning up your customer categories and list of subscribers. After that, plan a regular meeting to do it. Better still, figure out how to automate it!

Make sure to adhere to data privacy laws.

Data collection and marketing automation go hand in hand. You’ll almost always be gathering far more than just emails.

The enormous volumes of data you get about your users make it easy to perform behavioral targeting, score leads, and build user profiles. While there is nothing improper in gathering all that data, ensure you do so in a manner that complies with different privacy rules, such as the GDPR or CCPA.

Remember that everyone must continue to be compliant, not just you. The privacy law must be followed even by the tools you select, especially if they are gathering, processing, and storing any data on your behalf.

Aim to improve your relationship quality.

Finally, give up on the figures. A marketing automation strategy’s implementation is a marathon, not a sprint. Not to mention testing everything, you won’t find everything you can automate overnight.

Remember that your relationship with your audience ultimately matters regardless of how many aspects you improve. Additionally, quality always prevails over quantity in terms of client connections.

Avoid spamming your audience, then. Keep your personalization to a minimum. In your workflow, you don’t need that many sales emails.

Take care of your viewers. Keep in touch with them and assist them in resolving their issues. Make an effort to improve their life.

Wrapping up

You must create a coherent strategy to take full advantage of marketing automation.

Look at your company. Consider your audience. Set up business objectives.

Understand what you hope to accomplish. Make an impact on your ROI right away by being clear about the direction you want to take your company. Invest the time necessary to create a marketing master plan.

Are you interested in learning what marketing automation can accomplish for your company? Set up a free consultation with us to discuss your company.