Movies are something always considered as the best source of utilizing leisure time among the people. Every individual wants to feel relax after a busy and hectic working day in the office and watching your favorite movie can surely make your day and infuse confidence and enthusiasm inside you.

Today, there are millions of smartphone users in the world and use it for the entertainment purpose. Earlier, you didn’t have many options but to watch your favorite movies in theaters on in Television.

Both these are costly mediums, and also you were not able to watch movies of your choice without the hurdles of unwanted advertisements.

But now with these free movie apps, you can easily watch any movie of your choice either after downloading it first or watch them directly through streaming function. The best part of these streaming apps are:

– You don’t have to pay a fee or charge to use the services.

– You can choose your favorite movie out of the number of movies.

– And last, you don’t have to see boring advertisements anymore.

Although there are so many movies streaming websites at present, but all of them are not secure. Most of them are filled with malware and viruses.

So, the best option for you to go with these free movies streaming apps because most of the people are now preferring smartphones than desktops or laptops.

Taking this into your mind, we have brought you the list of top 8 free movies streaming apps, which are surely the best suitable apps for you to enjoy your favorite movies.

We have personally tested These apps, so you don’t need to worry much about the credibility of these apps.

1) Cinema Box

Cinema Box is an interesting movie streaming app specially made for the hardcore movie lovers. You can anytime watch HD movies and TV shows of your choice without giving any payment. Yes, you heard it correctly. This app is free, so enjoy watching free movies.

This app supports iOS or Android users. It is very easy to use with simple navigation function which helps you to scroll hundreds of movies of different genres and pick one of your best among them.

You can download its apk files from Cinema Box Website and install it within 2 minutes.

2) Snag

When you compare iOS with Android, users have dependably had exceptionally fewer decisions to make. In any case, the capacity to bolster various stages with great movies list has made Snag movies on our list.

This free application for iOS gives you access to more than 5000 films.You can also find the uncommon hits from the past.

Clique frightfulness, Silence movies and classifications one have never heard off. This application has been included by many top tech and new magazines. Try it out.

3) MovieBox

Just like ShowBox, Moviebox is also a worth free movie streaming app for iOS platforms. Here, you can watch movies, trailers and popular TV series. Apart from streaming option, you can also download the same and then watch it at the time best suitable to you.

4) Crackle

Crackle is also one more fantastic movie app for iPhone and iPad users. You can get hassle free movies watching experience without any price.Those who loves Hollywood movies and TV series, this is certainly the best movie app to get the best.

You can also connect it to your PC or laptop for the better experience. Millions of people feel satisfied with this award winning movie app.

5) Popcornflix

Popcornflix is another free movie app which let you provide the best entertainment. You have the option to scroll the main page with the features of a number of genres according to your choice. You can also choose which movie to watch with the help of options like most viewed or just added movies.

6) Tubi TV

Tubi TV is even more excellent movie app as compared to its counterparts. You will get so many features with Tubi TV. First of all, you can scroll throughout the app along with the mix of different genres.

Search tool of Tubi TV is also one of the highlighting parts of the app where you can find any movies your choice.The cover page of every movie is large enough to view it without tapping over them.


So, you have seen the list of these mind-blowing free movies streaming apps, and after the thorough analysis of this blog, you have also easily understood how these movie mobile apps benefit media and entertainment industry.