From advanced wearables to green tech, there are tons of new things happening in the world of technology to get excited about. Not only are companies and developers always trying to find ways to simplify, speed up, and better existing technology, but they’re constantly searching for innovation ways to advance the field. We’ve already seen bits of what to expect, such as tech tattoos in the wearables industry and better ways to save money by avoiding contract deals, but what else is there for us to watch out for?

1. Countless alternatives to everything

We live in a world of unlimited options now. Phone services without contracts have been a popular thing for families, and it’s extended to TV networks and DVR. Here you can read about different alternatives that don’t need subscriptions for cable TV. Saving money and avoiding contracts is a popular way for people to be given more freedom and choice in their media options. We can expect to see more and more alternatives to things like providers for TV and internet usage in 2017.

2. Smart tech and wearables

We’ve all gotten excited to try out the new smart watches and fitness trackers from Apple, Fitbit, and Garmin, but what about smart tech for our homes? While companies have been releasing little bits, we are looking forward to the evolved designs. Maybe everything could be connected in the home to one hub, and tech tattoos have been starting to make a buzz.

3. Green tech

From electric cars to Trump’s administrative decisions when it comes to things like coal and natural gas, 2017 will be a big year for environmental tech and science to take place. Utilities are growing smarter, and the industry is making the smallest changes everywhere. What can we expect to see change in the current year? More choices with solar energy.

4. Machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The Google Mobile First Index is one of many changes we can expect to start seeing as machines grow smarter and the learning they can do gets more and more involved. There will be plenty of updates to algorithms and information so we can start seeing more accurate, faster, smarter computer learning. This will help our world in ways such as efficiency and reliability. For example, the Mobile First Index will help those on mobile devices find better sites and give more accurate ratings to websites who use SEO.

5. Augmented and virtual realities

As Pokemon Go showed us all, augmented reality is something that developers should really tap into. Millions of downloads of the game and tons of purchases made for the app was enough to prompt designers into creating more content similar to the popular app. For virtual reality, the goggles that connect to a smartphone are sure to be advanced, and we can expect to see lots of exciting new things come from these industries!