Essay writing apps are a great way to get your work done faster, whether you’re a student or an academic. When you’re in need of essay writing help, you can reach out to such helpful companies. Any writing service would be happy to help you out. They offer complex writing templates, editing tools, and formatting options that can help you maintain creativity while working on your assignments. Before getting to the main subject, let’s see why you need writing apps and how you can make the best out of them.

Why do you need essay writing apps?

They’re many reasons why we need to use essay writing apps, and here are just a few of them that are worth mentioning.

They help you figure out your mistakes 

We all make casual errors from time to time. Finding our own errors might be challenging. These apps are a wonderful tool for catching such errors. Extra whitespace, missing commas, verb tense compatibility mistakes, grammar, punctuation, etc. are usually marked for you, making it easy to verify and redo your text.

Makes your writing style more engaging

Some essay writing apps such as Grammarly offer alternatives to help you improve the readability of your work. This process is quick and easy to handle and helps you write faster, at a more engaging pace. 

They can help you develop your writing

The brief grammar lessons that these apps provide are quite beneficial. You can learn how to prevent making mistakes, which can be really helpful, especially when you’re hurrying to get things done! It almost feels like you’re working with specialists from assignment writing services. They can assist you in determining whether or not you need to revise your content – it’s like having a well-informed teacher at your disposal!

These apps help you set personal writing goals

Setting targets allows you to meet your professor’s or content manager’s specific needs. You can establish goals to receive writing recommendations that are relevant to your objectives. The more you write, the more notifications you will receive and thus, the more you’ll evolve. Trust me, you’ll see the evolution in no time! 

These apps are easy and (mostly) free to use

With Grammarly or Hemingway, for example, you could simply use the web version. That means you don’t have to buy any premium packages, so you’re getting a really good deal for… literally no money.

The best essay writing apps for students

The five best essay writing apps for students and academics are the following.


We researched the most popular writing apps on the market and Grammarly won. This app is the best writing app for students and academics for a reason. It’s a fully featured writing app that offers spelling and grammar checking as well as plagiarism detection. It is free and available on:

  • Mac, 
  • Windows, 
  • Android and
  • iOS. 


Hemingway is a WordPress plugin that provides tools that writers can use when they write. It includes an exclusive keyboard shortcut, an auto-save feature, word count and other useful tools that you can find on their website. You should also know that Hemingway has a built-in PDF creator allowing you to create documents without needing any additional software. Cool, right?


Evernote is a note taking and organizing app used by people all over the world. It has a free feature, but if you want to get access to additional tools, you’ve got to pay for it. Evernote allows you to have multiple notebooks, each one of which contains individual pages. This makes it easy to organize your thoughts and share them with others, especially if you need to collaborate online.

Superior Papers

To put it bluntly, Superior Papers is the best college essay writing service like Superiorpapers we found. We’ve purchased a number of items from this service and other vendors as well in order to compare them and yet, the authors working for Superior Papers were the most qualified for the project. The essays they wrote for us have always been of high quality. Would recommend it for any student in need. Plus, the content is well-researched, so we rated it a one-of-a-kind essay writing company. To make sure they’re original, we also utilized a plagiarism checker – and we were super satisfied!

Focus Writer

Focus Writer is a free app that offers not just one but five writing options. They include the classic white on black text, handwriting, a variety of colors and fonts, and drawing. You can also use it to share your work with friends, as we’ve stated before. Collaboration is key to successful projects, right?

Wrapping Up

Using essay writing apps to revise your content, check your grammar, and correct your punctuation can help you a lot, whether you’re a student, teacher, or blogger. Plus, if you’re determined to climb the success ladder faster, this is the way to go.