YesMovies has established its presence in the hearts of movie lovers because it is an easy-to-use platform that lets you watch and download movies without any fuss.

If you love watching movies online, then you might have heard about

What happened to Yesmovies?

You can search across thousands of movies to watch them in excellent quality, and that too for free! But there are some instances where you will find the YesMovies not working properly. Due to immense traffic, the servers crash sometimes and fail to respond to your request; as a result, you won’t be able to access the website.

But does that mean you should skip watching your favorite movies? Well, no! We are here with some best sites like YesMovies that you can use to watch and download movies on the go.

Here is a list of 15 sites that you can use in case YesMovies is down, or the website is inaccessible. The reason why we listed 15 sites to help you with an array of options so that you can choose according to your requirements.

15 Best Alternatives to Yes Movies To Watch Movies In 2023


You may find Vumoo a bit different from YesMovies in terms of features and interface, but the site is easy to use once you explore some of its features. You can use it to watch movies, TV series online in great quality and that too without signing up, which saves you a lot of time. Furthermore, there are fewer ads on Vumoo when compared to other alternatives to YesMovies so that you can watch movies without any interruptions.

You can choose HD quality if required to stream the content in superb quality. The only downside to using Vumoo is that there is no filter option, so you cannot filter the movies or TV shows based on the genre. You need to use the search bar to search for the content you want to watch.

Lastly, Vumoo is a free website that provides you with a premium experience, so there is no need to get paid subscriptions.



If you are not able to access free movies online, go with Flixtor as the free platform allows you to watch movies and TV shows online without registration. The website seems to be very organized, and there are no disturbing popups and ads that can interrupt you. Moreover, you can explore thousands of movies and can access the content that has the highest number of views in your area.

Flixtor is a popular alternative to YesMovies because it lets you watch movies without taking anything. There is no need to get any subscription or to buy something, as Flixtor is a free to use platform.

Furthermore, you can watch trailers and can check the details about the movies to know about its cast and other such details. Overall, this free online movie watching platform should be your choice if you love watching HD content.


3. BMovies

BMovies is another alternative site to YesMovies that you should go to watch movies and TV shows online in HD quality. The site offers a plethora of TV shows and movies that are well-categorized so that you get access to the content that you love.

Further, you can access the content by filtering it based on the country and genre. The best part is that the site has a list of movies with IMDB ratings, so you can quickly find out if the movie is worth watching or not.

The interface of the website is simple, and you get a search bar on the homepage that lets you search for TV shows and movies. The only thing that you will find interruption is the frequent popups and ads because it is a free platform that doesn’t require signing up.

Just visit the website, search for the movies and TV shows you want to watch, and there you are watching it on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.


4. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is a highly popular platform that is widely used to watch movies online. You will rarely come across any movie-watching platform with a .com domain, and PopcornFlix is one of them. The site has a neat interface, so you don’t have to worry about finding the features.

You will find a search option on the homepage that lets you find your favorite TV shows and movies that you will like to watch. The platform is reliable, so there is no need to worry about your security getting compromised.

There’s one thing that makes PopcornFlix a fantastic site, and that is no lags when streaming. You can stream content smoothly, provided that you have a reliable internet connection. The top-rated movies and shows are displayed on the homepage, and you can filter content based on the genre and types.

Yes, there are frequent ads and popups, but they aren’t too disturbing, so you can enjoy watching movies on Popcornflix.


5. Soap2Day


To watch good quality content without any ads, go for Soap2Day. Soap 2 Day is known for its video quality and collection of TV series. You get access to thousands of movies and TV shows that you can watch around the clock.

There are limitless movies and shows available on Prime, and you can choose HD quality to stream content without any lags and minimal ads making it a perfect movie streaming site.


6. Myflixer


If you need an online movie watching platform like YesMovies, go with My Flixer. The platform has an easy to use layout, so there is no need to worry about anything. The platform has a plethora of movies and TV shows available that you can filter according to your taste.

The interface of the website is user-friendly, and you can search for movies and shows on the go. When watching movies online, you will only see a few popups and ads, so it is not that disturbing.

YoMovies updates its movie database with time to make sure that the users get access to the latest content. The only downside to YesMovies is the limited TV series, but that is acceptable if you need it to watch movies only.


7. PutLocker

If you want to watch a collection of good movies, then we suggest you go with put Locker. The platform is free to use and lets you stream movies and TV shows without shelling out even a single penny. Further, there is no registration required, and that is another benefit of using PutLocker.

The movies are organized in a way that it becomes easy for you to access them. You can search for movies depending on genre, IMDB rating, and A-Z list. Furthermore, you will see a search bar that lets you search for movies directly, so there is no need to go through the list or collection.

Every genre available on PutLocker has numerous movies that are available in HD quality. You can even watch movie trailers if you want.

Using PutLocker is easy, and it doesn’t require you to get any subscription pack.


8. SolarMovie

Solar Movie is a popular alternative to YesMovies, as it is easy to use and has a collection of movies and TV shows. If other movie streaming sites aren’t available in your country, then you should go for SolarMovie.

The online movie-watching platform has a simple layout, and you can start watching movies and TV shows without signing up or getting a subscription. You can watch movies without downloading them, and that is what you might be looking for.

The filter feature lets you funnel down movies based on your taste. This is one of the best platforms out there if you don’t mind watching some ads and popups in between.


9. XMovies8

If any of the aforementioned sites aren’t working, it would be great to watch movies online on XMovies8. The platform has a collection of TV series, TV shows, and movies that are accessible to you for free without the need for registration or sign-up.

Another reason why XMovies8 is an excellent alternative to Yes Movies is the availability of subtitles. So, you can watch movies in other foreign languages as well. Just like other online movie watching platforms, the interface is easy to use, so you won’t face any issues when watching movies.

There are some other features available as well when you use XMovies8. However, there are frequent popups and ads that appear on the screen because it is a free movie watching site.



The interface and layout of Rainier land are a bit different when compared to YesMovies, but you won’t come across any problems when using it. The site has a simple interface that is user-friendly, and you can start watching movies on the go without signing up and registration.

You can search for movies and TV shows, depending on your preference and taste. The platform is well-organized, so it becomes easier to access the best-rated and highly-viewed movies. Watching the best movies and TV series is just a click away, and the platform doesn’t require any subscription or registration fee.

However, you may face multiple popups and ads when watching movies, and that’s acceptable because it is a free platform. You can filter movies depending on the genre, but there are no IMDB ratings available. Also, you won’t be able to see the latest movie trailers.


11. Watch Free

With Watch Movies, you can watch complete movies without downloading them. The platform lets you stream movies online with no lags at all, so you can enjoy watching what you love. There is a collection of HD movies available on Watch Free that is accessible without signing up or registration.

As Watch Free is free to use, therefore you don’t need to take any subscription. Filtering movies is now easy, depending on your preference, as you can search for Top 100 or the latest movies.

Furthermore, you can watch the top-rated movies that aren’t available on most of the free movie-watching platforms. The site works well, and there are only a few instances when it faces downtime. There is a register option available on the site, but you should skip clicking on it as movies are available to watch without registration.


12. Prime Wire

Prime Wire was inaccessible a few months back, but it is now available again to let you watch movies and TV shows. The platform interface is the same as before, and you get movie suggestions on the homepage. Moreover, you will get details about the TV series regarding the schedule and availability.

The best part about Prime Wire is that you can create a playlist quickly to watch the movies and TV shows that you love. There is a list of filters available that lets you shortlist movies depending on the genre and top-rated.

The information about the movie ratings is available on the site so that you can search for the top-viewed movies on the go. There are multiple links available on the site to watch movies, so if one link doesn’t work, you can use the other one.

You can check the feedback and comments of other viewers, so using Prime Wire will be fun.


13. Movie4u

Movie4u is a good site like YesMovies that lets you watch movies without downloading them. The site is accessible most of the time, and you can use it even without using a VPN. Browsing different movies is easy, and you can filter them based on the type of genres, such as comedy, action, and adventure. Furthermore, you can also filter movies depending on their release date to watch the latest movies only.

You can watch full seasons of popular TV series such as Narcos, Mr. Robot, The Flash, and much more. The streaming quality is fantastic, and you can even choose the low quality of you to have a slow internet connection to stream the movies without any lags.

Lastly, the platform lets you search popular movies depending on the IMDB rating, and there are a few ads and popups only.


14. CMovies

If you are not able to access YesMovies if the site is down, you watch movies on CMovies. The online movie watching platform remains active most of the time, so you can watch movies whenever you want. There is no need to register or sign up as the platform lets you watch movies on the go.

The homepage features a search bar and has multiple movie suggestions so you can quickly find out the popular series or movies that the people in your region are watching. Further, you can filter movies depending on the IMDB rating and the reviews.

The best thing about CMovies is that there is no need to register or sign up. Also, the website has a simple interface, and there are no misleading links or options available on the site that can make you exposed to scams.

CMovies is a good alternative to YesMovies, but there are a few ads in every movie you watch.



5Movies is an all-rounder online platform that lets you watch movies, cartoon series, TV shows, and Asian dramas. The website will only serve you with the type of content that you like to watch, as there is a filter feature available. You can classify movies depending on the country, or genre so it will be easier for you to find the movies that you love to watch.

The website has multiple streaming links available, so if one doesn’t work, you can use the other one. 5Movies has a well-organized interface that is easy to use, and there are no fake links available on the site.

The website keeps updating the available content, so you will get access to the latest content and that too without shelling out a penny. However, there are a few popups and ads, as it is a free platform, but you can skip the ads to continue watching.

You should watch movies on 5Movies in case YesMovies is not working.



These are the best 15 YesMovies alternatives that are mostly free to use. You can choose any of them to start watching your favorite movies and TV series on the go. Make sure not to click on any ads or links displayed on the popups to avoid getting redirected to any other site.

Whenever you feel that YesMovies isn’t working, use any of these sites to watch movies uninterruptedly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Is The Yesmovies Website Down?

A: There are innumerable users across the globe that are using Yes Movies at the same time, and that is why the servers can face downtime sometimes. When YesMovies is down, you can watch movies using any of the websites listed here in this article.

Q: Is It Legal To Watch Movies Online Without Taking A Subscription?

A: Yes, it is entirely legal to use any of these movie streaming sites such as YesMovies. You can watch movies or TV shows without worrying about anything.

Q: How To Avoid Popups And Ads While Watching Movies?

A: It is practically impossible to remove popups and ads from the content. Even if you have an ad blocker, you will get to see the ads as they are merged into the videos. Since most of these platforms are free, therefore you have to watch ads.

If you don’t want to watch, ads go for a platform like Amazon Prime that requires you to take a subscription.

Q: How To Register On Yesmovies?

A: There is no need to register or sign up when using YesMovies. The platform is free to use, and you can start watching movies just with a click. Furthermore, most of the YesMovies alternatives listed in this article also don’t require registration and signup.