To some business owners, social media marketing is a passing craze that must be taken advantage of while it lasts. Because of how quickly it appeared, most people do not take social media seriously. However, social media marketing can improve your business in the following ways:

More conversion opportunities

With every post that you make on social media, you are giving consumers an opportunity to convert into loyal customers. Once you build a following, you will have access to old, new, and recent customers who you can interact with frequently. Every image, video, blog post, and comment that you choose to share could convince your followers to visit your site and eventually lead to a conversion.

However, you should know that not every interaction that followers have with your brand leads to a conversion. Even if the number of click-through rates that you have are low, the infinite opportunities that social media offers is worth it.

Higher conversion rates

Social media marketing brings about higher rates of conversion in a few distinctive ways. The most important one being the humanization element, which refers to the fact that some businesses are humanized by having a social media presence. On social media, brands act like people do, which is important because consumers like doing business with people, not faceless companies.

Moreover, studies show that social media marketing has a higher lead-to-close rate than any form of outbound marketing. Additionally, high followings on social media lend credibility to your brand. Therefore, building a large social media presence can be enough to improve your conversion rates.

Increased brand recognition

You should take every opportunity to increase visibility and syndicate your content. Social media channels provide you with a platform for your brand’s content. Using social media makes your brand easier to access and makes you recognizable to potential customers.

For instance, a person who is always on Twitter can hear about your brand after seeing it on a newsfeed. Moreover, an indifferent consumer could learn about your brand after seeing it on multiple social media pages.

Improved brand loyalty

According to studies, brands that have a heavy social media presence enjoy more customer loyalty. An open and tactical social media plan could prove important for morphing people into loyal customers.

Higher brand authority

According to Jeff Bickley, the founder of Brown Box Branding, interacting with your customers on a regular basis is a show of good faith. When people want to complain or brag about a certain product, the use social media as a platform. This means that if a customer mentions your brand, others will want to follow you for updates.

The more users talk about your brand on social media, the more authoritative and valuable it will seem. Moreover, if you get in touch with major influencers on Twitter, your reach and visibility will skyrocket.

More inbound traffic

Without social media marketing, you will be limiting your inbound traffic to those who already know about your brand. This means that adding a social media profile to your brand creates a new path that leads to your website. The more content you syndicate, the higher your inbound traffic will be, leading to more conversions.

Better search engine rankings

SEO is the best way to get relevant traffic from search engines. However, the criteria for success when using it are always changing. Updating your blog frequently and optimizing your title tags is no longer enough, you need to do more if you want to rank highly.

Search engines usually consider social media presence when calculating rankings, because the strongest brands have a huge presence on social media.