The old days of having to hire a company in another country at one office to handle your calling operations are over. Today we have more options available to us than ever before using the internet.

Call center technology has grown to new heights. Companies have learned what their customers truly want, and a call center can do it all for these companies. Companies such as ZenDesk are leaders in this industry. There are many options such as handling all of your incoming customer service inquiries yourself with live chat, email, and phone call support. You can also choose to let companies handle all of this work for you by hiring people remotely that work over VOIP technology. This allows companies such as ZenDesk to then offer you a lower cost solution since all of their employees essentially can work from anywhere in the world (as long as they have a solid internet connection and headset). You save money by not having to support a dedicated call center with servers and expenses, rather you are paying someone who has a laptop and the necessary equipment to handle all of your calls.

The other benefits are that it reduces turn over, creates a very open and flexible relationship with the virtual phone system company and can create a mobile environment which is important in today’s mobile-friendly universe. When choosing a company, its best to shop around for pricing but also to see what other benefits their software has to offer. Make sure they can integrate into any other software you are using such as SalesForce. Check to see what sort of tracking and metrics they use so you can keep detailed accounts of what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s also best to ask how many actual people they have working for them since its best to have a company that has hired over 1000 employees rather than just 100. The last thing you want to do is to have no available agents to handle your incoming chats, emails, and calls, thusly frustrating and losing a customer.

Hopefully, now you can see the benefits of hiring a virtual call center company and ditch the old school way of handling calls yourself or hiring an expensive call center over in India. Just make sure to shop around and hire a company when the time is right and affordable for you.